History of the Red Sox

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    Red Sox

  • Boston Red Sox Founded

    Boston Red Sox Founded
    In 1901 when the American league was created the Red Sox were introduced as a new team. At the time they were sometimes referred to as the Boston Americans. Also they used the Huntington Avenue Baseball Grounds as their home field.
  • Boston Americans win World Series

    Boston Americans win World Series
    The 1903 World Series was the first modern World Series. The Boston Americans played the Pittsburgh Pirates and won the nine-game series 5-3.
  • Red Sox get new name

    Red Sox get new name
    After the 1907 season, owner John I. Taylor chose Red Sox as the official nickname.
  • Fenway

    Fenway Park opened in 1912 and is currently the oldest ball park still in use.
  • Win 1912 World Series

    Win 1912 World Series
    The Red Sox captured the 1912 World Series by defeating the New York Giants.
  • win 1915 World Series

    win 1915 World Series
    The Red Sox beat the Philadelphia Phillies to win the 1915 World Series.
  • win 1916 World Series

    win 1916 World Series
    The Red Sox defeated the Brooklyn Robins to clinch the 1916 World Series.
  • 1918 World Series

    1918 World Series
    The Red Sox defeated the Chicago Cubs to win the 1918 World Series.
  • Babe Ruth traded

    Babe Ruth traded
    Owner Harry Frazee trades Babe Ruth to the Yankees.
  • Buckner

    Buckner makes error in 10th inning, Mets win 6th game and go on to defeat Red Sox in 1986 World Series.
  • Sold Out

    Sold Out
    This page has some good info.Every home game sinnce May 15, 2003 has been sold out showing that we have the most loyal fanbase.
  • Benches Cleared

    Benches Cleared
    The Red Sox Yankees rivalry flared when both benches were cleared in a huge brawl after both pitchers came close to hitting batters.
  • Terry Francona

    Terry Francona
    At the beginning of the 2004 season Francona was hired and went on to lead the Red Sox to two World Series wins, and he is still the manager now.
  • Finally!!!!!!!!!!! 2004 world Series

    Finally!!!!!!!!!!!   2004 world Series
    Red Sox sweep the Cardinals to end an 86 year drought and win the 2004 World Series.
  • 2007 World Series

    2007 World Series
    Red Sox defeat the Colorado Rockies to win the 2004 World Series.
  • Lester No-Hitter

    No-HitterThe most recent no-hitter in Red Sox history was pitched by Jon Lester when he shut down the Royals in a 7-0 win.