Foreign Policy Timeline

  • French Invasion of Mexico

    French Invasion of Mexico
    Monroe Doctrine, isolationism
  • Spanish-American War begins

    Spanish-American War begins
    Monroe Doctrine, isolationism
  • Trade Wars in China

    Trade Wars in China
    Open Door Policy
  • Panama Canal authorized

    Panama Canal authorized
    Good Neighbor Policy, Roosevelt Corollary
  • U.S. enters World War I

    U.S. enters World War I
  • U.S. enters World War II

    U.S. enters World War II
  • United Nations established

    United Nations established
    Collective Security
  • Berlin Blockade

    Berlin Blockade
  • Korean War begins

    Korean War begins
    Collective security, containment
  • Cuban missile crisis

    Cuban missile crisis
    Containment, deterrence
  • U.S. commits to Vietnam War

    U.S. commits to Vietnam War
  • SALT I Pact

    SALT I Pact
  • Soviet invasion of Afghanistan

    Soviet invasion of Afghanistan
    Collective security
  • Operation Iraqi Freedom

    Operation Iraqi Freedom
    Internationalism, collective security