Moby Dick

  • Ahab appears on deck

    The voyage is already underway and Ahab makes his first appearance on the ship.
  • Ahab Informs Crew of Real Mission.

    He explains to them how he lost his leg to the white whale and he makes everyone swear to help him get revenge.
  • Period: to

    Pequod Continues Normal Whaling Activities

    Ahab allows the ship to conduct normal activities while he charts Moby Dick's likely location
  • Stowaways Discovered

    It is revealed that Ahab smuggled a crew of South Pacific whalers on board to staff his personal whaling boat
  • Meeting With Albatross

    The Albatross is another whaling vessel that passes the Pequod, and Ahab calls over asking if they've seen Moby Dick, after which, each ship goes back to it's mission.
  • Meeting With Town-Ho

    A similar meeting as with the Albatross, however, during this one, Ahab rows over to the Town-Ho and converses with the captain
  • Ahab Creates White-Whale Harpoon

    Ahab forges a special harpoon that he will use specifically for the purpose of killing Moby Dick. He tempers the steel in human blood in a demonic representation of his lust for blood.
  • Ahab Befriends Pip

    Ahab forms a fatherly relationship with Pip, a young man who is driven crazy after he jumps from a sinking whale boat and floats on the open water for three days.
  • Ahab Spots Moby Dick

    Ahab spots the white whale and lowers a boat to chase him, the boat is destroyed.
  • Ahab Lowers After Moby Dick A Second Time

    Ahab again tries to kill the whale, his boat is destroyed again.
  • Ahab Lowers After Moby Dick A Third Time

    Ahab again lowers after the whale.
  • Ahab Is Injured

    Ahab's ivory leg snaps and his boat's crew is thrown from the boat.
  • The Pequod Is Destroyed

    Moby Dick rams the ship, breaching the hull and causing it to sink. All on board are killed except Ishmael and Ahab, who is still on his boat.
  • Ahab Throws His Harpoon

    Ahab casts his harpoon at the whale, but gets his neck caught in the rope, he is pulled from the boat and is strangled.
  • Ishmael Is Picked Up

    Ishmael is picked up by the Town-Ho and tells the tale of the encounter.