British Literature

  • 500


    date is uncertain
  • Period: 500 to May 5, 750

    Burton Raffel

    the seafarer
  • May 6, 673

    Honorable Bede

  • May 7, 1000

    Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

    Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
  • May 6, 1340

    canterbury tales

    canterbury tales
    circa 1340
  • May 6, 1368

    The book of Dutchess

    The book of Dutchess
  • Period: May 5, 1485 to

    The English Renaissance period

  • May 6, 1485

    Morte d Arthur

    Morte d Arthur
  • sonnet29

    circa between 1589 and 1613
  • The passionate shepherd to his love

    The passionate shepherd to his love
    written bychristopher marlowe
  • On my first son

    the poem was made after the first death of ben johnsons son in 1603
  • sonnet 116

  • holy sonnet

    circa 1609-1610
  • king james bible

    king james bible
    from the sermon on the mount
    Parable of the Prodigal son
  • Period: to

    The Seventeenth an Eightteenth Century

  • Gullivers travels

    Gullivers travels
  • a modest proposal

    a modest proposal
    written by jOHNATHAN Swift
  • Elegy Written in a country churchyard

    Elegy Written in a country churchyard
    completed in 1751 and written by thomas gay
  • jane austen

    lived form 1775 to 1815


  • The Lamb

    Written by WIllilam blake
  • The Prelude

    written by williams wordsworth circa 1793
  • The tyger

    Written by William blake
  • The Tyger

    written by william Blake
  • john keats

    john keats
    circa 1795 to 1821
    wwas born in 195 and died in 1821
  • rime of the ancient mariner

    samuel cooleridge
  • Kubla Khan

    Samuel cooleridge
  • Tintern Abby

    written by Williamswoodsworth
  • lyrical Ballads

    william wordsworht and Samuel Coleridge published lyrical ballads
  • Period: to

    The romantic period

  • first looking into chapman homer

    written by john keats
  • Freinkenstein

    written by Mary Wollstone Craft Shelly
  • Ozymandias

    Written by Percy Shelley
  • Odes to the west wind

    written by Percy Shelly
  • ode to a nightingale

    written by john keats
  • ode to the Grecian urn

    Wrtitten by John keats
  • ode to west wind

    percy shelly wrote it
  • Edgar allen Poe publishes poems

  • the lady of shalott

    written by alfred tennyson
  • Period: to

    The Victorian Period

  • wordsworth

    william wordsworth bcomes poet laureate
  • jane eyre

    jane eyre
    by charlotte bronte
  • in memoriam

    written by alfred tennyson
  • Hard times

    by charles dickens
  • Love among the ruins

    written by Robert browning
  • Dover Beach

    by matthew arnold
  • God's Grandeur

    By gerald Manley Hopkins
  • Ashophshire lad

    publishe dby wordsworth
  • Ah are you digging on my grave?

    by thomas Hardy
    circa 1896
  • To an athlete dying young

    A.E. Houseman
  • Period: to

    Modern and Post Modern Period

  • The Soldier

    By Rupert Brooke
  • Second Coming

    William Yeats
  • The wasteland

    T.s. Eliot
  • The Hollow men

    The Hollow men
    T.S. Eliot
  • Sailing to Byzantium

    William yeats
  • Shooting and elephant

    Shooting and elephant
  • The wife's Lament

  • The book of Exeter

    The book of Exeter
  • Anglo Saxon Chornicle

    Anglo Saxon Chornicle
  • The wanderer

    The wanderer
    by charles kennedy
  • Period: to Apr 29, 1485

    old english and medieval