Jackie Robinson

  • Jackie Robinson was born

    Was born on January 31, 1919 in Cairo, Georgia
  • Won tennis championship

     Won tennis championship
    In 1936, won the junior boys singles championship in the annual Pacific Coast Negro Tennis Tournament
  • Arrested

    was arrested after vocally disputing the detention of a black friend by police
  • Started College

  • Robinson left UCLA

  • Period: to

    i have been drafted into the Military

    segregated Army cavalry unit in Fort Riley, Kansas
  • became 2nd lieutenant

    became 2nd lieutenant
    Robinson was drafted into the military after leaving college
  • Played shortstop for Kansas City

    Played shortstop for Kansas City
    In the negro Leagues he played for Kansas City
  • Met mannager Ricky

  • Robinson had been scouted

  • Robinson signed for Royals

  • Signer to Royals

    Signer to Royals
    Jackie Robinson was officialy signed to play in the major leagues for the Royals
  • Married Rachel Isum

    Married Rachel isum on 1946
  • First major league game

    First major league game
  • Dodgers won World Series

    Dodgers won World Series
  • Retired

    after all The baseball years he has retired
  • Was in the Hall of Fame

    Was in the Hall of Fame
    wam eligible for the Baseball Hall of Fame
  • Died

    Robinson passed away at the age of 53