Kyle Meehl

  • Archduke bishop assassinated

    Archduke bishop assassinated
    In June two shots were fired that changed the world for ever and was rhe main event to two world wars and the cold war.
  • Period: to

    WW1and WW2

  • world War one

    world War one
    World War one ended with a german defeat.
  • Treaty

    Treaty of versailles signed.
  • Hitler

    Adolf Hitler becomes leader of Socialist Nazi Party.
  • Stock Market

    Stock Market
    The stock Market Crashes and the world is changed.
  • Poland

    Te Nazis invade Poland and starts the world war.
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    The Japenesse bob pearl harbor a naval base in Hawaii.
  • America in europe

    America in europe
    First all american air attack in europe
  • D-Day

    The us invades the beaches of Normady France and fight there way up the beach and was the ultimate turning point of the war.
  • Japan

    Japan ultimely surrenders to America afterTwo Bombings.