Cuban missile crisis

The Cuban Missile Crisis

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  • Reports

    President Kennedy received confirmed reports of Soviet technicians and supplies arriving in Cuba.
  • Period: to

    The Cuban Missile Crisis

    Soviet Union placed missiles pointed towards the United States, causing nation wide panic.
  • U-2 Viewes

    U-2 Viewes
    A U-2 spy plane revealed missiles in Cuba pointed at the United States. The origin of the missiles was assumed to be the Soviet Union
  • President addresses the nation

    President addresses the nation
    President Kennedy addressed the nation and states that there is a qurantine of Cuba.
  • USSR Warns US

    USSR Warns US
    USSR warned the United States that their actions of starting a blockade of Cuba could lead to a
    nuclear war.
  • Proposal Accepted

    Proposal Accepted
    Kennedy accepted Khrushchev's proposal to end the crisis. The Soviets will remove the missiles, the US will end the blockade and promise not to invade Cuba.
  • Returning of Missiles

    Returning of Missiles
    Soviet leader Khrushchev announced that the weapons would be returned to the Soviet Union.