Haringey Greyhounds Ice Hockey Club

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  • Haringey Greyhounds Founded

    Haringey Greyhounds Founded
    The Haringey Greyhounds were founded as the 'B' team to the Haringey Racers at The Harringey Arena. The first match saw the Greyhounds beat the Racers 4-2 in a challenge match
  • Championship Double

    The Greyhounds are crowned English National League Champions as well as the London Cup Winners
  • Haringey Close

    Haringey Close
    Because of the onset of the Second World War, both the Haringey Greyhounds and the Haringey Racers are forced to close and the rink is recquisitioned for army stores.
  • Haringey Reform

    Haringey Reform
    With the end of the war, the Greyhounds are free to restart but lose the opening challenge match against the racers 3-2.
  • Greyhounds Close Again

    Greyhounds Close Again
    Due to economic reasons, the Greyhounds are forced to close once more. (date approximate)
  • Haringey Reform

    Haringey Reform
    Funding is aquired to allow ice hockey to be started at the new ice rink at Alexandra Palace, and the Greyhounds are entered into English League Division Three.
  • Haringey Racers Fold

    With the Haringey Racers folding due to lack of funding, the Greyhounds become the top rated ice hockey club in the area.
  • First Import Joins The 'Hounds

    First Import Joins The 'Hounds
    Swedish Winger Fredrik Sixtensson scores a five minute hat-trick against Solihull to mark himself as the Greyhounds first truely influentual player.
  • First Playoff

    The Haringey Greyhounds finish fourth in the league and go to their first playoff semifinal.
  • English Division 1 South Championship

    Haringey are crowned English Division 1 South Champions and reach the playoff semi-finals, whilst maintaining a average attendance of over 800 a game.
  • English Premier League

    A new management team takes the team into the EPL too early in the teams development and attendance suffers.
  • Team Takeover

    Team Takeover
    The Greyhounds are taken over by Jan Bestic and have a respectable building season.
    (date approximate)
  • Haringey Win ENL South Division Playoffs

    Haringey Win ENL South Division Playoffs
    Having beaten Invicta Dynamos 7-5 and completed a playoff double over Streatham Redskins (4-3 & 4-2), a double over Oxford Stars (6-2 & 5-2) meant that Haringey Greyhounds Were crowned ENL South Division PLayoff Champions.
  • Haringey Enter ENL South Division 1

    Following the formation of a number of new teams in the south of England, the league is restructured to form two Southern Divisions. Haringey Are placed in the top tier based on the previous seasons results.