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Labor Unions

  • First strike

    Successful strike of 20,000 shoemakers in New England.
    Abraham Lincoln, in support of New England shoemakers, says, "Thank God that we have a system of labor where there can be a strike."
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    Labor Union History

  • Immigrants

    Legality of importing immigrants by holding a portion of their wages or property is upheld in the Contract Labor Law. These immigrants were often used as strikbreakers. Though this law was repealed in 1868, the practice was not outlawed until the passage of the Foran Act in 1885.
  • 8 hour work day

    First federal 8 hour day passed, only applies to laborers, mechanics, and workmen employed by the government.
    First state labor bureau passed in Massachusetts
  • Knights of Labor

    Knights of Labor
    fought for lower work days, higher wages, and better working conditions.
  • Miners and Coal bosses

    First written contract between coal miners and coal mine operators signed.
  • Panic of 1873

    Panic of 1873 followed by a depression wipes out most national unions.
  • First Union

    Union label first used by Cigar Makers International Union.
  • Molly Maguires

    Molly Maguires
    Mollie Maguires convicted for coalfield murders in Pennsylvania. Ten later hanged.
    The party which will become the Socialist Labor Party organized.
  • Railroad strikes

    National railroad strikes crippled the country. Federal troops needed to be called out as some state militias sided with strikers.
  • First Labor Day

    First Labor Day
    First Labor Day celebration held in New York City.
  • AF of L

    AF of L
    In Columbus, Ohio, the American Federation of Labor is formed with Samuel Gompers as the first president.
    Violence erupts following a mysterious explosion at Haymarket Square in Chicago during a rally in support of the 8 hour day.
  • Homestead strike

    Homestead strike
    Homestead Strike in Pennsylvania. The Amalgamated Association of Iron, Steel, and Tin Workers lose the fight over Carnegie Steel's attempt to break the union.
  • PA coal mining

    Coal miners in Pennsylvania end a five month strike and agree to arbitration with a presidential committee.
  • I.W.W.

    In Chicago, the Industrial Workers of the World founded.
  • Allowing to Unionize

    Section 10 of the Erdman Act which deals with "yellow dog" contracts and forbids a person being fired for belonging to a union was declared unconstitutional. (US v. Adair)
  • Department of Labor

    Department of Labor
    US Department of Labor established. Secretary of Labor given power to "act as a mediator and to appoint commissioners of conciliation in labor disputes."