Tim's Life

  • Tim was born

    Born in Marion, IN to James Dewey and Ruby Ione Childers
  • Tim starts school

    Tim begins school at Charles Elementary located directly across the street from his house in Richmond, IN.
  • Tim begins Jr. High

    Tim walks to school a few blocks away to Test Jr. High. Only attended 1 semester.
  • Tim moves to Marion, IN

    Tim moves back to the town where he was born and finishes 7th grade. Then, he attended 8th and 9th grade at a new school in Marion.
  • Tim moves to Bennetsville, SC

    Tim's family moves to Bennetsville, SC where time spends the 10th grade
  • Tim moves to Wynne, AR

    Tim moves to Wynne, AR, where his parents were from originally. He spends the last 2 years of high school there.
  • Tim goes to college

    Tim heads to Cleveland, TN, and attends Lee College. He lives in Walker Hall and drives a 1976 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. Beautiful!
  • Tim turns 50

    Tim turns 50. Looks back on his life and wonders how he got to be so old and still look so good.