Albert Einstein, A Biography!

  • The Birth

    The Birth
    where to get the photoEinstein is born in Ulm, Germany along with his sister, Maja. He later moves to Munich at the age of one because his father set up an electrical buisiness. 5 years later the family moved again to Milan, Italy because his father's buisiness crashed, though Albert Einstein had to stay in Germany to finish his studies. Again his family went to Pavia a year later from the same reason.
  • Period: to

    Einstein's Life

    The story of Albert Einstein's life through the late 1800's to the late 1900's.
  • Entrance, Please!

    Entrance, Please!
    Einstein makes his first attempt to enter Eidgenössische Polytechnische Schule(ETH) but fails, though at the same time achieving high marks in mathematics and physics.
  • Entrance Granted!

    Entrance Granted!
    At age 17, Einstein passed his entrance exam to the ETH in Zurich, Switzerland. (Actual date unspecified)
  • Graduation Day.

    Graduation Day.
    Einstein graduated from ETH with a diploma for mathematics and physics. (Actual date unspecified)
  • Marriage Day.

    Marriage Day.
    In January, Einstein marries his close friend Mileva Maric. In May of 1904 their first son, Hans Albert Einstein is born in Bern, Switzerland. Their second baby, Eduard, came in Zurich in July in the year of 1910. Einstein and Mileva divorced 15 years after marriage on February 14, 1919.
  • Extra, Extra!

    Extra, Extra!
    Einstein's "blow-away" year where he published 4 major articles later to give him attention from the scientific public.
    1: A paper on the photoelectric effect.
    2: A paper on Brownian Motion, named after Robert Brown.
    3: A paper on special relativity.
    4: A paper on matter and energy being equal. (Actual date unspecified)
  • You Are Correct, My Dear Einstein.

    You Are Correct, My Dear Einstein.
    In 1908, French scientist, Jean Perrin makes careful experiments on studies of Brownian motion, he later proves Einstein's equations for Brownian motion, this was regarded as the first experiment with evidence the molecules and atoms alike existed within the universe. (Actual date unspecified)
  • Top Of The Line.

    In 1913, Einstein takes the top postition in Europe for physicist;professor and director in th Kaiser Wilhelm Institue in Berlin.
  • Again, Marriage Day.

    Again, Marriage Day.
    Einstein marries his cousin, Elsa...
  • The Noble Nobel.

    The Noble Nobel.
    Einstein received the Nobel Prize for physics, surprisingly, the reason for was actually for the less important photoelectric effect and not the relativity theory. (Actual date unspecified)
  • Packing Up, Moving Out.

    Packing Up, Moving Out.
    Einstein emigrated to Princeton, New Jersey due to the rise of power from Nazi-Germany. He took up a position at an institue for the remainder of his work years, (Actual date unspecified)
  • Wife's Death.

    In Dec. 1936, Einstein's second wife, Elsa, dies from experiences of heart and kidney failure.
  • Sir F.D.R.

    Sir F.D.R.
    Einstein is persuaded to write a letter to F.D.R. urging the production of an atomic bomb due to the German's discovery of the amount of energy released when splitting atoms.
  • President Einstein?!?!?!?

    President Einstein?!?!?!?
    Einstein is offered the presidential position of Israel because of his fight against anti-semitism, though he declined.
  • A Sad, Sad, Day.

    Einstein dies from internal bleeding from a ruptured blood vessel at the age of 76. His body was cremated and his ashes were scattered around the Institute of Advanced Studies In Princeton, New Jersey. After his death, the pathologist of Princeton Hospital, Thomas Stoltz Harvey, removed and preserved Einstein's brain in hope of finding out the key to Einstein's intellect.
  • Elemental Einstein.

    Elemental Einstein.
    Einstein receives an element in the periodic table of elements. Einsteinium is element #99 and is not found naturally. It is formed through the collision of particles and decays rapidly.
  • Evidence After Death.

    Evidence After Death.
    During the 1960's, when giant particle accelerators were created, Einstein's theory on General Relativity are able to be proved by scientists.
  • Brain Gain.

    Einstein's brain is found within a car.
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