cold war time line

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  • armistice signed ending korean

    armistice signed ending korean
    The German Government requests the President of the United States of America to take steps for the restoration of peace, to notify all belligerents of this request, and to invite them to delegate positions for the purpose of taking up negotiations.
  • frist man in space

    frist man in space
    Yuri Gagarin was born in the village of Klushino near Gzhatsk (now in Smolensk Oblast, Russia)
  • yalta conference

    yalta conference
    The Yalta Conference, sometimes called the Crimea Conference and codenamed the Argonaut Conference
  • potsdam conference

    potsdam conference
    The Potsdam Conference was held at Cecilienhof, the home of Crown Prince Wilhelm Hohenzollern, in Potsdam, occupied Germany
  • truman doctrine

    The Truman Doctrine is the common name for the Cold War strategy of containment versus the Soviet Union and the expansion of communism
  • marshell plan

    marshell plan
    The reconstruction plan, developed at a meeting of the participating European states, . It offered the same aid to the USSR and its allies, but they did not accept it
  • berlin airlift

    berlin airlift
    The planes flew so frequently that they often became stacked above the city in a dangerous waiting line
  • nato formation

    nato formation
    For its first few years, NATO was not much more than a political association
  • north korean lnvastion of south korea

    north korean lnvastion of south korea
    The war was a result of the political division of Korea by agreement of the victorious Allies at the conclusion of the Pacific War.
  • warsaw pact formation

    The Warsaw Treaty’s organization was two-fold: the Political Consultative Committee handled civil matters, and the Unified Command of Pact Armed Forces controlled the assigned multi-national forces,
  • sputnik 1 launched

    sputnik 1 launched
    It consisted of six static stations: IP-1 through IP-6, with IP-1 situated at a distance of 1 km (0.62 mi) from the launch pad.
  • united nations formation

    united nations formation
    French recognition of Algerian referendum on independence held two days earlier