Andrew Harding

  • Jack's Wish

    Jack's Wish
    Jack wants to keep his cow.He wants to become rich.His mom wants to be rich also.
  • Jack Sells His Cow

    Jack Sells His Cow
    His mother tells him he has to sell his cow.They need money to buy food for him and his mother.He must sell the cow for no less than 5 pounds.'I Guess This Is Goodbye"Jack sings as he sells his cow to the Baker.
  • Jack Lies

    Jack meets the Baker and his wife.They tell Jack the beans are magic.Jack tells them that his cow makes a lot of milk when it doesn't.
  • The Giants

    Jack climbs the beanstalk from the magic beans .The Giant's wife hides Jack from the Giant.Jack steals a bag of gold coins from the giants."Giants In The Sky"Jack sings when he sees the giants while he is at the kingdom in the sky.
  • Jack Wants His Cow

    Jack goes to the Baker and tries to buy his cow back from the Baker.But the Baker can't give him his cow back because he has to give it to the witch.Jack thinks the Baker just wants more money, so he searches for more money.
  • Jack's Cow Dies

    Jack's Cow Dies
    Jack comes back with a golden hen from the giants. Jack tries to get his cow from the Baker again. Milky White drops dead at midnight as Jack and the Baker are arguing about the cow.
  • Jack Milks His Cow

    After the Witch revives Milky White, Jack tries to milk her. Unsuccessfully, a mysterious man tells Jack to wrap Rapunzel's strand of hair on an ear of corn and feed it to his cow. After doing so, Jack milks his cow and she produces milk.
  • Jack's New Wish

    Jack's New Wish
    After becoming rich, Jack seems to have an empty feeling. Jack wants to go back to the kingdom in the sky, not knowing the Giant's wife is angry at Jack for killing her husband.
  • Jack Buries the Baker's Wife

    The Baker's Wife is killed by a tree knocked down by the rampaging wife of the Giant. Jack finds the Baker's Wife under the tree. Jack buries her.
  • Jack and the Baker Kill the Giant's Wife

    The Giant's Wife comes rampaging in. Jack and the Baker jump from a tree and slay the Giant's Wife. The Giant's Wife crumbles to the ground.
  • The End

    Little Red Riding Hood says she will take care of Jack. The Baker says that Jack, Red, and Cinderella can live with him and his son. They all agree.