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  • Declaration of independence of afghanistan

    THe Declaration of Independence of Afghanistan
  • The Treaty of Kabul

    The Treaty of Kabul marks the end of British interference
  • more women freedom

    women are no longer required to wear the veil
  • More Womens rights

    Women obtain the right to vote
  • Monarchy Overthrown

    NIbarcgt us ivetgriwb vt NIganned Daoud, who establishes the first Republic of Afganistan and serves as its president.
  • Reform of Afghan Society

    A coupd'etat installs the second republic, a Communist regime, led by president Noor Mohammed Taraki and prime Minister Hafizullah Amin. Reforms imposed on Afghan society, which rmains conservatively traditional, lead to popular uprisings and the rise of islamist movements, which destablize the government
  • Soviet military Intervention

    Soviet military internevtion. The mujahideen organize their resistance and begin a guerrilla war agaisnt the Afghan army--which fights under the aegis of the Sovier army--that will last ten years.
  • UN-sponsored agreement

    The U.S, the U.S.S.R, pakistan, and the government in kabul sign a Un-sponsored agreement in Geneva setting up a timetable for the withdrawal of Soviet forces from Afghanistan
  • troops evacutate

    The last of the Soviet troops are evacuated from Afghanistan
  • capature of Kabul

    General Massoud's mujahideen capture Kabul. Sibghatullah Mojaddedi serves as President of the Islamic Wtate of Afghanistan until Junes, when he is succeeded by Burhanuddin Rabbani.
  • taliban takes main city

    Taliban takes over Herat
  • Tabliban take jalalabad

    The Taliban take Herat
  • Taliban continues thier advances

    The taliban continue thier adcances in the noth. The city of Mazar-i-Sharif changes hands several times, finally falling to the Taliban August 1998
  • Ahmed Shad Massoud

    Ahemd Shad Masshoud is the victim of an assassination plot; his death is officialy confirmed on September 13
  • World Trade Center Collapse

    THe Trade Center IN New YOrk City and pentagon in Washington, D.C are attacked by terrorists in hijacked commerical airlines. The World Trade Center collapses.
  • Angelo-American intervention

    The Beginning of the Anglo-American invention in Afganistan
  • North Alliance gains control

    After a pmth-long American campaign of bombing, the Northern Alliance regains control of Mazar-i-Shariff
  • Taliban abandons

    The Taliban abandon Kabul overnight; forces of the Norhern Alliance enter the capital.
  • Hamid Karzi sworn in

    Hamid Karzai is sworn in as the leaser of an inteim government, as agreed in talks in Bonn, Germany earlier that month. The coalition is endorsed by Mohammed Zahir Shah, and its thirthy members include representatives of several Afghan factions. Karzai is the first person to take power in Afghanistan peacefully in thirty years.