leading up to the civil war

By matjon
  • missouri compromise

    missouri compromise
    The missouri compromise was established to keep slavery out of the new territories in the united states. It was met with strong opposition.
  • Wilmot proviso

    Wilmot proviso
    The Wilmot Proviso banned slavery in any territory. First introduced by David Wilmot
  • Compromise of 1850

    Compromise of 1850
    Package that included 5 separate bills, wich diffused a long confrontation between the slave states of the south and free northern states.
  • Fugitive Slave Act

    Fugitive Slave Act
    One of the 5 bills of the compromise of 1850. Declared that all runaway slaves were to be returnerd to there owners
  • Uncle Toms Cabin

    Uncle Toms Cabin
    a book writen by Harriet Beecher Stowe that made readers aware of the horrible conditions faced by slaves in the south. terrified northern readers.
  • Kansas/Nebraska Act

    Kansas/Nebraska Act
    The Kansas/Nebraska Act proposed popular sovereignty in kansas and Nebraska. Caused disputes later known as bleeding kansas.
  • Bleeding Kansas

    Bleeding Kansas
    1854-1860. people moved in to sway the vote in kansas and nebraska. Fighting broke out between pro and anti-slavery people knownn as the pottawatomie massacre.
  • Sumner/Brooks Inident

    Sumner/Brooks Inident
    i fight between sumner and brooks in the senate. Sumner suffered shock and brain damage.
  • John Browns Raid

    John Browns Raid
    16-18 of october. started a anti slavery movement in harppers ferry virginia. retaliation to the kansas/nebraska act. was later tried for treason.
  • Dred Scott Decision

    Dred Scott Decision
    strengthened laws that assisted slaves in excaping the south, and going to the free northern states.