Christina's Timeline

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    Fashion Through the Decades

    Fashion from 1920's to the 2000's
  • Flappers

    Women cut their hair, wore make-up, and went to parties. They started to smoke, drink, dance, and were allowed to vote. Flappers took risks and were energetic and wanted to go out and have fun all the time.
  • Fabric of the 1920

    Fabric of the 1920
    Velvet was a popular fabric during this time. Flappers even wore velvet. This is a picture of Midnight Blue Silk Velvet Coat.
  • Gangsters of the 1930s

    Gangsters of the 1930s
    The Gangster look was popular for men during this time period. A double breasted suit jacket with wide lapels and thick chalk stripe, a style that was worn by infamous criminals such as John Dillinger .
  • Ladylike appearance

    Ladylike appearance
    In the 1930's the ladylike appearance came back. Curves were seen and hair became softer because perms have improved. Fabric that was worn was draped. Skirts were usually longer in the back than the front.
  • Tina Leser

    Tina Leser
    Tina Leser was a popular designer during this time. In this picture she is wearing a skirted halter swimsuit entirely in yellow cotton pleats.
  • Heels

    Heels were very popular. The fashion trend was heels that were less than an inch or two.
  • Poodle Skirt

    Poodle Skirt
    Poodle skirts were a big hit during this time period. Women loved to dance in these dresses because the skirt moved around so much.
  • Grease

    Grease was based on the 1950's. It a very popular movie and it shows what the people wore back in the 1950's.
  • Bell Bottoms

    Bell Bottoms
    During this time it was all about peace and love. The silhouette bell bottoms were very popular during this time.
  • Beatles

    The Beatles were a very popular band during this time period. Their songs are still popular to this day. The movie Across The Universe has many songs from the Beatles.
  • David Bowie

    David Bowie was a very popular designer. He influenced fashion.
  • Mini Dress

    Mini Dress
    The Peasant Look was popular back during this time period. Mini Dresses were a fashion trend.
  • Cydni Lauper

    Cydni Lauper
    Cydni Lauper wore ratty bright clothes and she was like lady Gaga at the time.
  • Madonna

    During this time period Madonna was famous not only for her singing but for her crazy outfits. Everyone started copying off of Madonna's clothes, her hair, and even how she did her make up.
  • Leggings

    Leggings were a big hit in the 1990's because they helped show off womens legs. You can wear them under skirts or even shorts.
  • Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

    Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen
    They were role models for younger kids in the 1990's. They not only had great fashion but they had awesome shows that little kids liked to watch.