GM foods

  • Examination of meat

    Examination of meat
    Francisco Redi discovers that meat does not produce maggots by conducting an expiriment with putting on in a covered jar and leaving one outside a jar. This led to preserving longer and letting people have more time to study on foods.
  • Period: to

    GM foods over time

  • Process of pasteurisation

    Process of pasteurisation
    Louis Pasteur discoverd how to prevent spoilage and not ruin the flavor. This led to today with GM foods, without the flavor, less people would buy them leading to less studies on how to modify foods.
  • Human insulin created from GM bacteria

    Human insulin created from GM bacteria
    Researchers discover you could make human insulin from GM bacteria. Insulin is like a cure for diabetic people making GM foods used more widely.
  • first GM crop to release

    first GM crop to release
    The first GM crop was approved to release. Food will be modified to be healthier and be more resistant to harmful things. This started the processs of people buying GM foods.
  • replacing soil bacteria

    replacing soil bacteria
    The soil bacteria caused crown gall which is a disease to the root of stone fruit and replaced it with a gene that protects the plant from crown gall. This could lead to many other replacements of food an increas in GM foods.
  • Spread of GM foods

    Spread of GM foods
    40 million hecrates of GM foods are planted globaly. More plants will be modified changing the food people eat
  • Plants are enabled to grow in salt water

    Plants are enabled to grow in salt water
    A single cell gene from arabidopsis is put in a plant letting it be able to grow in salt water. Soon more places will grow more food letting more crops available in the market including GM foods.
  • No more rootworm

    No more rootworm
    the United States EPA approves the first GM rootworm resistant corn
  • Disease curing chicken eggs

    Disease curing chicken eggs
    Researchers geneticaly modify chickens to lay eggs that produce drugs that fight off threatening diseases. A cure for cancer would be found.
  • The spread of planting

    The spread of planting
    Germany approves of planting GM letting the process expand across the world.
  • elimination of health problems

    elimination of health problems
    GM foods will benefit peoples health with things such as alergies and nutritional content. This will affect how and what people eat one day. GM foods will become a popular food. People will be healthier in the future.
  • advancing GM crops

    advancing GM crops
    Foods may be able to be preserved longer and to be healthier as the technology advances.