• Bell System

    Bell System
    Bell System introduces the touch tone phone. This telephone made a different beep for each number instead of counted clicks for each number.
  • Electronic Telephone

    Electronic Telephone
    The electronic telephone switching system is placed into service. Calls are switched faster than before.
  • Early Bird

    The first commercial communications satilite
  • Fiber optics

    Fiber optics
    K.C. Kao and G.A. Hockham publish the principles of fiber optic communications. This cable uses glass to send a light beam that carries thousands of calls
  • First single microprocesser The 4004

    First single microprocesser The 4004
    The microprocessor would make telephones and switching systems smaller, lighter and faster to use.
  • Motorola cellular telephone

    Motorola cellular telephone
    Motorola demonstrates the cellular telephone to the FCC. People could call each other without wires.
  • IBM PC

    IBM PC
    The Internet would use the telephone lines in the future to transmit information through a personal computer.
  • "Ma Bell"

     "Ma Bell"
    AT&T agrees to breakup its Bell System telephone companies
  • Fax Machine

    Fax Machine
    A printed sheet of paper can be sent across telephone lines and received whole on the other end.
  • Pocket telephone

    Pocket telephone
    Pocket" cellular telephone is introduced by Motorola.