February work for film course

By superg
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    Feb 1

    Feb 1 M Read Barthes’ articles(Course Document Folder)
    Watch video Podcast (watch interview with Fellini on BB).
    Do DB 2
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    Feb 10

    Feb 10th W Neorealism: Homework: Read Calvino (preface to The Path to the Spiders’ Nests) and Zavattini (E-Reserve),
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    Feb 6

    Feb 3 W Neorealism
    Homework: Read from the book pg 74-102. Read Barthes article in course documents. DB on criticism 3
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    Feb 8- FILM 1

    Feb 8 M Film The Bicycle Thief* . Go to the Baruch Library and read articles these will help you understand the film.
    Read Zavattini and Calvino, Cite both articles in your paper.
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    Feb 10th

    E-ReserveRead articles related to The bycicle Thief.
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    Feb 15

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    Feb 17- 1st blog paper due

    1st blog paper due
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    Feb 18

    Homework: (Fellini) read from the Book: pg 103-141.
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    Feb 22- Film 2

    Watch Juliets of the Spirits
    Read Fellini’s article on E-reserve (Bonnigal)
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    Feb 24

    2nd Blog due on Fellini's film. Cite bonnigal's article.