• John wesley Wrights birthday

    Johns birthday the day he was bron from Joel and Eliza Wright in kentucky.
  • To the hills

    Traveld to the hills out of now where just left
  • Army

    Got called to the amry with his uncle Martin then to the Civel War
  • Got married (the first time)

    Got married to Martha Hattie Humphrey. Had 3 kids named James, Joel, and john
  • Married 7 times

    Married 7 times total but dont have athe information though 1865-1931
  • Can back from Civil War

    Came back
  • Was a trick rider

    Was a trick rider in the robbinson circus with his uncle martin
  • PInkerton Agent

    Became a pinkerton agent
  • Married again

    Got married for the second time
  • Died

    Deid in virginia