Box Out

  • Liam Makes it

    Liam Makes it
    Liam tryed out for his school basketball team, and ended up making it. He made the Juinor Varsity team, because he is a sophmor in high school. His best best friend named seth had also made the team.
  • Man down

    Man down
    A big time varsity player has torn his ACL,and is done for the season. Coach is looking for a new Center for his team, and might have to go down to either the Junior Varsity or the Froshman team.
  • Coming on Up

    Coming on Up
    Liam gets a call to the coaches office, and is told that he will be playing varsity basketball. Coach said that he liked the way Liam has been playing, and thinks he can do really good things for his team. Liam is excited for the oppertunity he is recieving.
  • Missing You

    Missing You
    Liam has started to notice how much he realy misses his girlfriend makenzie. She has been in France on a shool trip, and won't be back for a couple of months. He has been calling her on the phone everyday, but she just gave him news that they will have to talk over e-mail for a month or so because her bill is running up on her. Liam states, "I'm missing you...."to himself
  • Getting Weird around here

    Getting Weird around here
    Liam has been mentioning to his parents that coach makes them say a prayer before every game. To Liam, that's not really right. He believes that people shouldn't have to pray, they should have an option. He's afraid to tell is coach because he's afraid that his coach will take him off the varsity team if he says anything. It's starting to get uncomfortable for him in the locker room, and around the team.
  • All Alone

    All Alone
    There's a dance coming up for valentines day and Liam feels alone. His girlfriend is in France, so he has nobody to go with and he really wants to go. For Liam, he doesn't know weatherhe should go or not because he doesn't want to hurt Makenzie.
  • What are you doing?

    What are you doing?
    Makenzie sent Liam an e-mail with pictures of her and friends. Recently she has been telling Liam about this kid named Jean-Babtist. Liam thinks something is going on between them and needs to know what's really going on. He doesn't have a clue what she's doing, and needs to know, what's going on.
  • Answers

    Liam gets a reply from Makenzie saying that nothing is going on between her and Jean-Baptist, and that there's nothing to worry about. Liam believes her, but still is worried about this "prediciment" he is in.
  • Why?

    Coach askes Liam to lead the team in prayer before their game. Liam simply askes," Why?" Coach replies by saying he believes Liam is strong and can do it. Just believe in himself, and lead this team, and trust his teammates to back him up. Liam has yet to tell coach about the way he feels about prayer before a game, but does it anway.
  • Dance Time

    Dance Time
    liam decides he is going to go to the dance and have a good time, even if he doesn;t have his girlfriend with him. He believes since she's having fun with her friends in France, he'll have some fun over here. He gives his friend seth a call and informs him that he'll be at the dance and ready to dance.