Winter Danger

By brantc
  • The first clue

    The first clue
    While Caje and his dad are in Indian country they notice that the indians are hunting and stocking up on food. Usually when the indians do that it means there is a very harsh winter that year.
  • The second clue

    The second clue
    Caje and his dad are talking and they are remebering that a month or two back when they were burrying Caje's mom they saw two fawns and they had already lost their spots and grown a heavy winter coat. That is also a sign of a harsh winter.
  • The third clue

    The third clue
    While Caje and his dad are eating lunch and resting up, Caje notices a strange noise. It gets louder and louder, so they both pic up their rifles. What it turned out to be was thousands of squirels heading south to a warmer location. squirels rarely do this except when the weather is going to be very bad.
  • The decision

    The decision
    Caje's dad decides that there is going to be a bad winter so he says that they are going to go spend the next few months until the weather warms up. Caje is very happy because he usually stays out in the woods the whole winter sleeping in a hallow log or under a big rock.
  • The Cabin

    The Cabin
    Caje and his dad arive at the Cabin and Caje's uncle, aunt and cousins are glad to let them spend the winter in their cabin. Well his cousins aren't because they think that Caje is a liar when he really isn't.
  • Fighting will not stop

    Fighting will not stop
    Caje's dad and his uncle keep arguing and will not stop. Caje's dad gets fed up so he decides in a few days he is going to go back out into the woods alone and leave Caje at the cabin for the winter.
  • Problem occurs

    Problem occurs
    A few days after his dad left the cabin it started to snow consistently and the tempature dropped dramatically. Everyone started to worry if Caje's dad was going to make it through the winter.
  • Food shortage

    Food shortage
    Food is starting to run low. Two of the family members are sick. there hasnt been any deliveries because of all the snow.
  • The cougar

    The cougar
    Caje his uncle and his cousin wake up to hear screaming coming from the barn. All three of them grab their rifles and a lantern and run out to the barn. When the swing the door open. there stood a mountain lion over the cow it had just killed. It snuck in the hole in the roof the Caje's cousin was supposed to fix. the mountain lion jumps out the door pushing everyone away, Caje's cousin aimed his rifle and fired. He shot and killed it. It ruined some of thier food.
  • Uncle Adam

    Uncle Adam
    As Caje and his cousin ran over to the mountain lion Caje's uncle slips and falls on the ice. He broke his leg and split is head open. Now there were 3 people injured in the house, and less food to go around.
  • We must kill the horse

    We must kill the horse
    Their food supply is almost out not enough left to last another week. Caje's aunt says they will have to kill the horse for food if we dont get any other food.
  • Caje's decision

    Caje's decision
    Caje decides that he isnt worth their food, he is just eating up all of their food and not helping them at all. So he packs is bag grabs his rifle and sets off on his own out into the woods.
  • The bear

    The bear
    Caje is walking acrossed an open field and sees steam coming from some brush on the other side of the field. He remembered his dad telling him that when you see that its usually a bear. A bear meant food for his relatives and they would not have to kill their horse. He hurried across the field. When he got to the steam from its breath he raised his rifle aimed and fired. He quickly relaoded in case he was not dead but he was dead alright.
  • Time to go home

    Time to go home
    Caje cut up the bear and made a sled to carry the meat on. He was going to go back to the cabin to share the meat so they would have some food.
  • Wolves wolves everywhere

    Wolves wolves everywhere
    On his way back its dark out. Some wolves tracked the scent of meat and followed Caje. He stopped to rest and he finally noticed he was being followed by the wolves. He was being surounded by them. He pulled out his hatchet and a flint to make a fire to keep them back. while he was making the fire one lunged at him. He killed it with his hatchet and pulled it out for the other wolves to eat while he was making the fire.
  • Rain? What??

    Rain? What??
    Caje fell asleep nxt to the fire until morning. After he woke up he set off home again on his way home it started to rain. He was very happy because it was warm enough to rain. He knew spring would be here soon and they would have food and everyone would be happy.