Romeo and Juliet

Timeline created by bchsblondie
  • The servants of the Capulets and the Montagues start a brawl in the streets of verona

  • Prince Esculas decrees that the next person to start a fight will face death penalty

  • Benvolio takes romeo to the capulets party hoping to get his mind off of rosaline

  • Romeo and Juliet meet

  • Romeo over hearsJuliet on her Balcony pledging her love to him; they agree to get married.

  • Period: to

    Romeo and Juliet

  • Tybalt kills Mercutio

  • Romeo Kills Tybalt

  • Prince Esculas banishes Romeo

  • Lord capulet moves the wedding from thirsday to wednesday

  • Juliet ask friar lawerence for help

  • Juliet drinks the sleeping potion friar lawerence gives her

  • juliet apoligies to her father for refusing to marry paris

  • friar lawerence relizes that his message did not reach romeo

  • Juliets family lays her to rest in the capulet family vault

  • Balthasar tells romeo juliet is dead

  • Romeo kills paris

  • Romeo drinks poision

  • juliet stabbs herself

  • Friar laweerence reveals that romeo and juliet were married

  • montague and capulets shake hands and agree to build gold statues for their children