Romeo and julieit

Romeo and Juliet

  • Prince decrees

    Prince Escalus decrees that the next who starts a public fight will face the death penalty.
  • Ben takes Rom to the Party

    Ben takes Rom to the Party
    Benvolio takes Romeo to the Capulets party, hoping to get his mind off Rosaline.
  • They Meet

    They Meet
    Romeo and Juliet Meet.
  • Balcony Meeting

    Balcony Meeting
    Romeo over hears Juliet on her balcony, pledging her love to him; they agree to get married.
  • Banished

    Prince Escalus banishes Romeo.
  • Meet and Part

    Meet and Part
    Romeo and Juliet, now husband and wife, part at dawn.
  • Death to both sides

    Death to both sides
    Tybolt kills Mercutio
  • Death to both Sides

    Death to both Sides
    Romeo kills Tybolt.
  • Apoligies

    Julet apoligizes to her father for refusing to marry Paris.
  • Moving it up!!

    Moving it up!!
    Lord Capulet move the wedding from Thursday to Wednesday. (?)
  • She drinks

    She drinks
    Juliet drinks the sleeping potion Friar Lawrence gave her.
  • Nurses Advise

    Nurses Advise
    The nurse advices Juliet to marry Paris; Juliet asks Friar Lawrence for help
  • Unexpected twist

    Unexpected twist
    Friar Lawrence discovers that his message did not reach Romeo.
  • Layed to Rest

    Layed to Rest
    Juliet's Family takes her to rest in the Capulut burial vault.
  • Her Death is Revealed

    Her Death is Revealed
    Benvolio tells Romeo that Juliet is dead.
  • Juliet Dies

    Juliet Dies
    Juliet stabs herself.
  • Romeo vs. Paris

    Romeo vs. Paris
    Romeo kills Paris.
  • Romeo's fairwell

    Romeo's fairwell
    Romeo drinks the poison.
  • Making Peace

    Making Peace
    Montague and Capulet shake hands and promise to build gold statues of each other's children.