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Franz Schubert

  • Schubert is Born

    Schubert is Born
    I, Franz Schubert was born January 31st 1797 in my home city of Vienna Austria. This is where I became well-known for my German-composed songs, but more also for me being an early romantic Austrian composer. I eventually used piano and voice for most of my pieces. (cc)
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    Childhood Training

    Franz received instruction in the violin from his father, his older brother Ignaz, and Michael Holzer, the organist at the Liechtenthal parish church.
  • Early Education

    Early Education
    I started sining in the choir and playing with the orchestra. It was tense being nearly interviewed by the Imperial Chapel for my placement in the group. I think they really enjoyed my company ands thought I was really going to make it big somewhere. (cc)
  • Further Musical Training

    Further Musical Training
    The directors and myself noticed the change in my voice and we both basically decided that I should stop practicing with them in the choir when I was around fifteen. I had time to do other things such as keeping in contact with the art of music. But shortly a man of the name Antonio Salieri new of me. Subsequent I inaugurated he was the emperor's music director. (cc)
  • Gretchen am Spinnrade

    Gretchen am Spinnrade
    I had become an apparent genius, a literal and factoral prodigy. It was initially discernible with through my compositions enlightened by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. More particularly his tune "Faust." (cc)Ãbereiner.jpg
  • Father's Assistant

    Father's Assistant
    Round the extremity of this period,1814, I was converted to an helper or more patently, an apprentice. My father allowed me to be an employee at the school he was employed at. The institution permitted me to be more open to the public, introduced into people that happened to be poets, actors singers, etc. In the future they were the primary individuals for my shows. (cc)
  • Piano Sonatas

    Piano Sonatas
    I was progressively then designated to appear at the resident's Count Esterhazy and his relations. He bided even in the course of winter(s) in grounds north of Schönbrunn and the summers at Zseliz in Hungary. I devised numerous choreographs of duets and sonatas on piano. (cc)
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    Schubert Reaches Musical Maturity

    Two of his operettas and several of his songs were performed in public and amateurs and professional quartets sang his part-songs for male voices. Some of his works began to be published and performed in private concerts.
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    Schubert Writes Four Masterpieces

    Schubert wrote four masterpieces, each of which has remained a staple in his repertory: the String Quartet in G, the Piano Sonata in G, the Piano Trio in B-flat, and the second Piano Trio in E-flat.
  • Schubert Dies at Age 31

    Schubert Dies at Age 31
    This is the year I died. The doctors were unsure the cause of my death for their predictions had been on what was proposed to be typhoid fever. Nowadays it's recalled as I had perished and was afflicted from syphilis. But the syphilis was only notioned to be during the last little amount of years of my life until it gradually got the better of me. (cc)