Rockefeller Timeline

By sgvn
  • Gerhartstreiter born in Germany

    Gerhartstreiter born in Germany
    Christian Karl Gerhartstreider born in Bavaria, West Germany (precise date unknown). He moved to the United States as a youth, adopting several identities as he attempted to mix with the high-society crowd.
  • Sohuses vanish

    Sohuses vanish
    John and Linda Sohus vanish.
  • Chichester goes missing

    Chichester goes missing
    Christopher Chichester, who rented a guest house from the Sohus, goes missing as well as police seek to question him (precise date unknown).
  • Bones found

    Bones found
    Remains of a man are found by workers digging a pool in the back yard of a San Marino home. Police come to believe they are the bones of John Sohus.
  • Abduction

    Police say Rockefeller abducted his 7-year-old daughter in Boston, sparking a hunt for him. Widespread media attention prompts tipsters to alert investigators to some of Rockefeller's aliases.
  • The Arrest

    The Arrest
    Rockefeller arrested by FBI in Baltimore in connection with the kidnapping of his daughter. Police say he had been using the name Charles or "Chip" Smith.
  • Prints match

    Prints match
    Three latent prints of Clark Rockefeller were identified on a document in the immigration file of Gerhartsreiter.
  • FBI Confirms identities

    FBI Confirms identities
    The FBI confirms that Rockefeller, Gerhartstreiter and Chichester are the same man.