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  • Children's Day - Korea

    The first time we visited Geumho together. Lenny
  • Guemho: Demolition Starts

  • Geumho : Took pictures of demolished area

    Our hangout survives the first demolition. Met with Agathe, Minsun, Una (??) Eric, Alysia, etc
  • Guemho: Grafitti Weekend

    Lenny, Sue and Jamie start working on paintings within the abandoned space
  • Guemho: Grafitti Weekend

    Sue, Lenny, Jamie finish collaboration, & houses Alysia and Eric come by -Take pictures and start doing some grafitti and paintings
  • Jon Dunbar's Urban Explorer Exhibition @ Spacebeam

    First time we all visited Spacebeam together.
  • Facebook Flame War

    John Dunbar flames Lenny's facebook photo album of the painting done in the abandoned villiage of Guemho. A debate/fight on the ethics of the paintings ensues online for 3 days
  • Agathe's Show

    Agathe has her show at school. She creates a child's bedroom from pieces of Guemho that she found and assembled. Uses video, sound.
  • First Meeting about having a show in Incheon

    Met at Iri Cafe
  • East4 : Minsun's Opening

  • East4: Meeting

    Meeting & talk about show in Spacebeam
  • Alysia's House : Meeting for show

    Made Pizza and talked about show
  • Started making Proposal for Spacebeam

  • Iri Meeting

    Confusing frusterating meeting with Sean and Miru present - didnt get much done.
  • Spacebeam Proposal Presentation + EcoPark

    Presented a proposal to Spacebeam Experienced Eco Park for the 1st time
  • Iri Cafe Meeting

  • Incehon Visit

    Port Area
  • YBM Quitters

    Lenny and I resign from YBM.
  • Meeting Iri

  • Meeting @ Stereo

    named and developed the cncept for the show
  • Cadavre Exquis Meeting : 칼mont Family

  • Iri Cafe meeting

    Quiet meetig to discuss sending out invites to invite people to the show
  • CX Meeting : Sungbuk

    Had meeting and started CX experiments for the show
  • Daham's Asuna Tour Weekend

  • CX Meeting @ Agathes

    the beginning of two long months of kimbop's and coffee's
  • CX Meeting

  • Jamie goes to Incheon : Pictures/ Met Residents

  • CX Meeting Agathes

    later we went to a jimjilbang
  • Incheon Meeting

  • Tour of Baedari

    Went with Miquel
    Ate @ the friendly Maegolli place
  • Incheon - Work

    Soomi and Jamie go to Incheon to do research for Baedari Eco Park 360 project
  • Meeting @ Agathe's

  • Meeting : Alysia & Eric's

    to work on CX from this point on we all work on the show pretty much daily
  • Tiny Meeting @ Agathe's

    Work on Block Party
  • Incheon - Pictures

    Met Som & Fredric
  • Making : Eric & Alysia's

    making work for the show
  • Meeting @ Agathe's

    Made work
    Discussed Projects
  • Meeting & Sleepover - Eric/Alysia's

    Group work on show
  • Chuseok: Installation begins

    We all go, wind up sleeping there ovenight
  • Seoul-Incheon

    Jamie travels becak to Incheon with more supplies and to take pictures of Eco Park.
    Started working on CX house
  • Translation's Finished

  • Incheon Working

    L & J go to work
  • Started finishing installation for Block Party

    Slept in a love motel that night - Athen's love motel
  • Block Party!

    Half-completed works all installed
    Began workshops and foodings
    Duo Park played
    Veronica performed
    blind spot drawings
    Eric & Sam's collage workshop Cleaning after etc
  • Spacebeam Communication troubles after show

    Eric & Alysia +++ sleep in Incheon Chinatown area. That night Kid's break into Spacebeam and Mr. Min & Ms. Eu blame it on 칼mont Family. They feel sorry after and take them out to eat at some famous Chinee food place near Baedari.
  • Meeting @ Agathe's

    Agathe leaving soon for Paris
  • Agathe leaves Korea

  • Flyering!

    Una, Lenny and Jamie poster and leave flyers all around Hongdae
  • Incheon - Work : 18th-23

    This entire week is filled with preperations for the closing show
  • CX Closing Party

    Everything is completed The sets were great
    Veronica and Jesse performed Partied in Jooyoung's residency hostel
  • CX extended till mid-November

    Mr. Min & Ms. Eu extend the show till mid-November
  • CX De-Installation begins

    Documentation & De-installation
  • CX Manuscript

    Mr. Min asks Jamie to write a manuscript on the CX show and the Kalmont Family for their next publication.
  • Christmas Monsters show invitation

    some memeber meet at platoon to discuss a new show
  • FInished CX De-installation

    Sam, Eric, Alysia, Jamie, Lenny