el Cabral familia

  • The Bad Thing I

    The Bad Thing I
    Abelard Cabral doesn't take his wife Socorro and daughter Jacquelyn to Trujillo's party.
  • The Bad Thing II

    The Bad Thing II
    Nope, no bodies here
  • Arrest

    Secret Police arrest Abelard
  • Beli born

    Beli born
    The Third and Final Daughter of Abelard, and Oscar and Lola's mother, is born.
  • Socorro killed

    Socorro killed
    run over by a truck two months after Beli is born
  • Criada

    sold Beli to be a criada (maid)
  • Jacquelyn dies

    Jacquelyn dies
    drowned in godparents' pool
  • Astrid dies

    Astrid dies
    Abelard's second daughter shot
  • La Inca saves Beli

    La Inca saves Beli
    La Inca brings Beli home to live with her
  • The Gangster

    The Gangster
    relationship with The Gangster
  • Cane Field I

    Cane Field I
    Beli taken to the cane field
  • Trujillo

    Trujillo is killed same night as Beli's beating
  • Beli leaves DR

    Beli leaves DR
    Beli goes to New York. 16 years old