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  • Rafael Trujillo

    Rafael Trujillo
    Trujillo was born.
  • The Police

    The Police
    Trujillo joined the national police who was trained by the US Marines.
    Trujillo became commander in chief in 1925.
  • The Era of Trujillo

    The Era of Trujillo
    Trujillo bacame president by winning 95% of the votes but he was the sole candidate.
    His reign became know as The Era of Trujillo.
    He renamed most important places after his name.
  • Agreement

    Agreement was signed by Trujillo and the Haitian President ending the dispute between the two countries.
  • Slaughters

    20,000 haitians were killed and this became know as "El Corte".
  • President again

    President again
    Trujillo ran for president again and won.
  • The assassination

    The assassination
    There was an attempt on Trujillo's life by the Maribal Sisters.
    But he released them.
  • The Death

    The Death
    Trujillo was assassinated by a hail of bullets when his car was ambushed.