3/ Theodore Roosevelt

  • New Member To The Family

    On October 27, 1858, a new member of the family had arrived. His name was Theodore Roosevelt. He was born into a rich family; his family has been in America since the 1600's. What a lucky boy!
  • A Suffering Infant

    A Suffering Infant
    Theodore , only just a small infant, was suffering from Asthma. It was only the first of many ailments that would plague the small infant. As he grew older his asthma caused him to get sick more frequently. As a child his asthma kept him from strenuous excerise.
  • The Great Depression (1867-1873)

    The Great Depression (1867-1873)
    Miliions of people were out of work. This event hardly affected Theodore because he was so young and his family was so wealthy. The Great Depression hit again in 1873 . But this time it was longer , came harder, and was so deep and wide it engulfed all but the wealthy. On top of that, immigrants kept coming to America from different countries. Those immagrants didnt live as well as the expected to.
  • Scientific Paper

    Scientific Paper
    Theodore, at age nine, wrote his first scientific paper about insects. His family and tutor were very proud. From then on he began writing many books. His first book was called "The Naval War of 1812." He wrote a total of 35 books.
  • Staying Strong

    Staying Strong
    One of the only ways to stay healthy was to work out and become strong. Theodrore practiced and practiced becoming strong by running, lifting weights, and playing sports he was good at. Rowing and Boxing were two of his "organized" sports. He became strong and athletic. Becoming strong was one of the many goals Theodore accomplished.
  • Promised Land

    Promised Land
    The Promised Land is believed to be the kingdom of God on Earth. Once everyone heard about it everyone wanted to visit it ! Nearly half of million immigrants came to the Promised Land from eastern Europe. The U.S. population grew bigger.
  • Resistance

    Settlers and Indians didnt get along well. When all the immigrants moved to America many settlers moved into the Indians land, The Indian resistance that blocked the white to settle on the plains was supressed by the U.S. Troops in 1880.
  • Buffalo Hunter

    Buffalo Hunter
    Theodore had a long-term dream to go on a buffalo hunt. He got the chance to follow his dream. On the second week of his expedition he saw a big buffalo and shot it. He skinned the buffalo and sent it to his family. His family enjoyed the gift very much and sent him a letter thanking him.
  • A Double Tragety

    A Double Tragety
    On this day, both Theodore's mother, Mittie, and wife, Alice, died only hours apart. Mittie died of typhoid fever and Alice died of Bright's disease, a severe kidney ailment. Only two days before Alice's death she had given birth to a baby girl named Alice.The double tragedy devastated Roosevelt. He ordered those around him not to mention his wife's name. Burdened by grief, he abandoned politics, and had left the infant Alice with his sister Bamie.
  • Henry Cabot Lodge

    Henry Cabot Lodge
    When Theodore moved , he and Henry Lodge grew close. Theodore learned that Henry was also a harvard graduate. While they were in Chicago, both of them led the independent Republicans in an effort to nominate the upright senator from Vermont, George P. Emunds.
  • Edith Carow

    Edith Carow
    As kids, Edith and Theodore were best friends. Even when Theodore was away on family trips Edith would write Theodore. They lost contact after Theodore met Alice Lee. They met again in 1885, they finally married and had many children together. They had a total of 6 kids, Alice, Theodore Jr., Kermit, Ethel, Archibald, and Quentin.
  • The 26th President of the United States

    The 26th President of the United States
    On September 14, 1901 Theodore Roosevelt took the oath of office. He was only 42 years old and was the youngest man to become president. In 1904, Theodore was re-elected as president. Theodore won the Nobal Peace Prize while in office. He was the first president to win the Nobal Peace Prize.
  • Jacob Riis

    Jacob Riis
    Jacob Riis was a writer for the New York Evening Sun, a newspaper in New York. He was a great photographer and a great friend of Theodore Roosevelt. Jacob and Theodore would walk the streets of New York. Jacob and Theofore shared the same hobbies, they both loved reading and writing. Jacob wrote many books as well.
  • Great Life, Terrible End

    Great Life, Terrible End
    A tragedy hit the Roosevelt family on January 6, 1919. Only at age 60, Teddy Roosevelt, who was deaf in one ear, blind in one eye, and crippled by numorous attacks of Rheumatism, sadly died in his sleep on Sagamore Hill. He died in the "Gate Room." A great man, but yet a terrible loss.