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  • Turn of a century

    Turn of a century
  • Tiger Woods

    Tiger Woods
    Becomes first golfer to hold all 4 major golf title simultaneously by winning the Masters tournament in Augusta, Georgia.
  • Winter Olympic

    Winter Olympic
    Amid terrorism concerns after 9/11,but the winter olympics continued in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • NASA

    Tradegy with Space Shuttle Columbia explodes upon reentry over Texas. No survivors.
  • World Trade Center

    World Trade Center
    Groundbraking ceremony for the freedom tower at ground zero.
  • Katrina

    Hurricane katrina strikes the gulf coast, flooding New Orleans.
  • Superdome

    Reopening of the superdome after hurricane Katrina. Home of the Saints,
  • Steroids

    Mitchell Report on the steroids scandall in baseball is published.
  • MIchael Phelps

    MIchael Phelps
    Michael Phelps wins 8th gold medal of the Beijing Summer Olympics, surpassing Mark Spitz for the record.
  • President

    Barack Obama takes oath and becomes the first african american president.