1994 chevrolet camaro exfront

History of the car

By bordner
  • first gas powered car

    first gas powered car
    Karl Friedrich Benz invented the first gas powered automobile.
    It was powered by a internal combustion engine. The car has 3 wheels .It has a 4 stroke engine The car was invented in Germany
  • First mass produced car

    First mass produced car
  • ford flat head v8

    ford flat head v8
    The flat head v8 was designed by Ford Motor Company ranks as one of the company's most important developments. Before the 1932
  • ford y block

    ford y block
    The Y-block engine is an overhead valve V8 automobile piston engine from Ford Motor Company. It was introduced in 1954 to replace the side-valved it has more power and its lighter
  • fuel injection

    fuel injection
    replaced carburetors in the late 1980s fuel-injected car has a smoother and more dependable engine it is a way for mixing fuel with air in an internal combustion engines.
  • 2010 CAMARO

    2010 CAMARO
    full power windos Remote Start and 556 hp much faster and more reliable and more confortable than older car with out cruse contorl and other conforts