History of Fermentation

  • It was concluded that fermentation is the result of living things

    Theodor Schwann, the German scientist who helped develop the cell theory, was the one who discovered this.
  • It was discovered that fermentation was caused by yeast.

    French chemist Louis Pasteur determined that fermentation is caused by yeast.
  • Found out that enzymes in yeast cells cause fementation.

    Eduard Buchner, German chemist discovered that. But it is not the yeast cells themselves it's the enzymes in the yeast cells that cause fermentation.
  • It was determined exactly how enzymes cause fermentation.

    Arthur Harden and Hansa Euler-Chelpin discovered that information. They won the Nobel prize for their work in 1929.
  • Technology was developed to use fermentation to produce antibiotics.

  • It is used produce industrial chemicals, medicines, and alcholic beverages.

    It also produces the medicine, antibiotics, and to make bread rise and to help preserve many types of food.