Early 1900's

  • First Womens Olypics

    First Womens Olypics
    The first womans olypics was held in 1900 in France.
  • First Flight

    Orville and Wilbur Wright flew the first successful plane
  • Association for Colored People founded

    The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People was founded
  • Income Tax Amendment

    Income Tax Amendment establishes a tax on amount of money people make
  • Panama Canal

    Panamal Canal was opened
  • WW1

    World War One begins in Europe
  • WW1

    World War One in Europe ends
  • Alcohol

    Alcoholic beverages become prohibited
  • Voting Rights

    Women given right to vote
  • Empire State Building

    The Empire State Building was completed as the tallest building in the world, climbing 102 stories tall
  • New President!!

    President Roosevelt was inaugurated and begins New Deal to end The Great Depression
  • WWII

    Germany invades Poland to begin World War II
  • Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor

    Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor, and the U.S. enters World War II
  • United Nations, UNITE!

    U.S becomes a member of the United Nations
  • Baseball players

    Jackie Robinson becomes the first black major league baseball player
  • Korean war

    The U.S entered the Korean war.
  • end or Korean war

    Korean war ended
  • Rosa Parks

    Rosa Parks refusesd to follow segregation rules on the Montgomery Bus
  • MLKJ

    Martin Luther King Jr. begins organizing protests against black discrimination
  • Space

    Alan Shepard becomes the first U.S. astronaut in space
  • JFK

    President John F. Kennedy assassinated in Dallas, Texas
  • Vietnam

    U.S combat troops sent to Vietnam to stop communism
  • MLKJ

    Martin Luther King Jr. is assassinated
  • Richard Nixon

    President Richard Nixon Resigns
  • Brelin Wall Torn Down

    Berlin Wall, seperating East and West Germany, is torn down