James Mills - Educational Timeline

  • Education Act 1944

    Education Act 1944
    Conservatives in power
    System splits secondary schools into three categories:
    - Grammar Schools
    - Secondary Technical Schools
    - Secondary Modern Schools Assessment was done via the 11+ which determined which school the student was to attend.
    Main aim of the act was to educate and mobilise women and the working class.
  • WWII Ends

    WWII Ends
    Germany Surrenders
    World War II ends, claiming a total loss of over 60 million people
  • Free Milk

    Free Milk
    Free milk waws provided for all pupils
  • School leaving age changed to 15

    School leaving age was raised to 15 as part of the 1944 Education Reform Act
  • Clarke Report

    Out of school followed up the 1947 Clarke Report - recommended spending on out of school facilities for children and parents.
  • Gurney-Dixon Report

    Early leaving the first major review of the working of the 1944 Act.
  • Crowther Report

    15-18 wide ranging report on the education of 15-18 year olds. Recommended provision of FE for 15-18 year olds, especially school leavers.
  • Education Act

    Placed a legal obligation on parents to ensure to ensure that children recieved a suitable education at school or otherwise.
  • Education Act (The Boyle Act)

    Introduced middle schools.
  • Plowden Report

    Promoted child-centered education
  • James Report

    major report on teaching education and training
  • School leaving age raised to 16

    School leaving age now 16.
  • Sex Discrimination Act

    had effects on school admissions, appointments and curricula
  • Race Relations Act

  • Education Act

    Gave parents greater powers on governing bodies and removed compulsary milk!
  • I was born!

    At 14:06 I opened my eyes for the first time to the world!
  • National Council for Vocational Qualifications

    NCVQ established to promote National Vocational Qualifications
  • Education Reform Act

    Establishes National Curriculum, testing and Local Management of Schools
  • Elton Report

    Discipline in schools; a response to discipline in schools
  • Hasbury C of E Primary School

  • Polytechnics granted University status

    Polytechnics granted University status
  • Ofsted was born!!

    Ofsted was established
  • Education Act 1994

    Education Act 1994
    Conservative: John Major
    Act set out to improve level of teacher training and membership of teacher agencies.
  • Special Needs code of practice

    Special Educational Needs code of practice came into force
  • High School

    High School
    Earls High School, Halesowen
  • Education - Student Loans Act

    Extended the provision of student loans
  • Education Act

    Consolodates all previous education acts since 1944
  • Dearing Report

    The National Curriculum and its assessment - major review of higher education
  • Moser Report

    Improving literacy and numeracy
  • Curriculum 2000 Introduced

    Curriculum 2000 Introduced
    Curriculum 2000 introduced new specifications for AS and A2 level assessment.
  • College

    King Edward VI College, Stourbridge
  • 1st Yr: Aberystwyth University

    1st Yr: Aberystwyth University
    University of Wales, Aberystwyth
  • 2nd Yr: Year In USA

    2nd Yr: Year In USA
    1 Year Exchange Placement at Carroll College, Waukesha WI
  • Every Child Matters Introduced

    Every Child Matters Introduced
  • 3rd Yr: Industrial Year - ERA Products

    3rd Yr: Industrial Year - ERA Products
    Industrial Year at ERA Products LTD (IT Support Analyst)
  • 4th Year: Aberystwyth University

    4th Year: Aberystwyth University
    University of Wales, Aberystwyth - Final Year!
  • MSc Warwick University

    MSc Warwick University
    MSc at Warwick in Computer Science and Applications
  • PGCE Wolverhampton University

    PGCE Wolverhampton University
    PGCE in ICT started at Wolverhampton University