Wars is the Middle East.

  • The shah leave Iran

    They actually fled.
  • The US helps the Shah of iran

    This creates tension between Iran and the US leading to the US hostage situation.
  • US hostages are taken in Iran

    lasted until january 20th 1981
  • The islamic revolution in Iran, Tyatollah Khomenini takes power.

    This made Islam the major religion of Iran
  • The Soviet Union invades Afganistan

  • Iraq-Iran war begins

    A shia insurgancy fighting for equaliity sparked this war
  • The US supports Saddam Hussein

    The US supported Saddam Hussien because he was working against Iran so we had a common enemy.
  • The US sells weapons to Iran in order to get hostages released

    Arms deals went on from august 20th to october 28th.
  • The US supports the Taliban in Afghanistan in its fight against the Soviet Union

  • The Iran-Contra scandal breaks out in the US

    The US public found out about the sale of weapons to Iran in exchange for the release of hostages.
  • • The money from arms sales to Iran is used to supply weapons to the Contra rebels in Nicaragua

  • Iraq invades Kuwait

  • International observers monitor Iraq and its weapons programs.

  • The US sends troops to Iraq as a part of Desert Shield, and then Desert Storm

  • The US has sanctions and fly-over monitoring of Iraq

  • 9/11 terrorist attack on the US

    Four planes were hijacked with the intention to crash into important buildings.one hit the pentagon and one crashed in a field because of the courage of the passengers and the other two hir the world trade center.
  • The US sends troops to Iraq as part of operation Iraqi Freedom

  • The US sends troops to Afghanistan

    They sent 7000 US soilders.