20th Century

  • End of WW1

    After 4 years of ww1 the war came to a conclusion when the Germans surrenders naval fleet was scuttled. Then the treaty of Versailles was signed by the Germans.
  • Treaty of Versailles

    This was the peace settlement signed after WW1 had ended, it was because of the unfair outcomes towards Germany and what they were getting blamed for.
  • The Jazz Age

    This was a feature in the 1920s when the jazz music and dance became popular. This was a time where a lot of recordings were made and record deals. It was a time for discoveries and experiences in this style.
  • The Great Depression

    This was a time in Australia that was extreme hardship, for people this began before the market crash in prices. It was a hard time in Australia.
  • Market Crash

    Was the biggest market crash in history when everyone went broke and it had to do with the great depression?
  • The Day of Mourning

    It involves the Aboriginals When a National Aboriginal Civil- rights gathering. It was an important event to thank the efforts from all the Aboriginal leaders.
  • Start of WW2

    No one wanted a another war to start, but with Germanys unfair treatment, they decided to make a move they attacked Poland, then other European countries felt they had to act. In result it went on for 6 years.
  • Japanese attack of pearl harbour

    On this day the Japanese landed a surprise air attack on the U.S. After two hours of bombing 2400 people were dead. 21 ships have either been broken or sunk and 188 aircrafts destroyed.
  • Bombing of Darwin

    Was the first and largest single attack mounted by a foreign power on Australia. 242 Japanese aircraft ships attacked Darwin.
  • Atomic Bombing in Hiroshima

    During the ww2 a American bomber dropped the world’s first developed atomic bomb over Hiroshima. It killed 80,000 people over the city. After this happened a second bomb was dropped and killed another 40,000 people.
  • Declaration of human rights

    It was a declaration adopted by the United Nations General assembly. It was a document that clearly just stated human rights fundamental freedom we have.
  • Melbourne Olympics

    This was the first time Australia ever held the Olympics.
  • Australian freedom rides

    It was a significant event for the civil rights for the indigenous Australians. They tried a trip that would change Australian history.
  • Invention of Internet

    There isn’t a single invention of the internet, almost 1 third of 6.5 billion people use it regularly. It all started when the first satellite was created.
  • Cuban missile crisis

    For 14 days in October the world waited for the brink of nuclear war, and hoped for a peaceful resolution.
  • Martin Luther king ‘I have a dream’ speech

    He had a speech or quote that was his that represented what he wanted and thought was right, it was about black rights and how they should be treated.
  • Invention of mobile phone

    It was invented by a man named Martin Cooper that made the first mobile that was a Motorola DynaTAC, it was 9 inches and weighed 2.5 pounds.
  • Realise of Crocodile Dundee

    This was an Australian film that was set in the outback, Paul Hogan was stared in it. It was about a crocodile hunter.
  • Fall of Berlin Wall

    The fall came to separation that made west and east, it became a symbol of the cold war. It was first constructed by the Germans.