2010 to 2020 Computer & Tech Advancements

  • 2010

    Apple introduced the iPad with its new custom silicon Apple A4 chip.
    iPad offers a range of capabilities like the iphone but with a bigger screen. More games and apps were easily accessible with the ipad while also being used as a POS system.
  • 2011

    Siri is introduced as built-in-feature with the Apple iPhone. A voice activated personal assistant that answers request by retrieving information from the Web. Siri could give out a number of recommendations and information such as driving directions, music suggestions and where to go get food.
  • 2012

    Raspberry Pi, a credit card sized computer is made and released as a tool to promote science education. This was a very simple and small computer making it very easy to learn and also work on for students.
  • 2015

    Apple Watch is introduced. This high speed piece of tech was a computer, phone in a watch. It gave consumers an easy way to communicate without their phone and have a watch. It was meant to compatible with the iPhones and Macs. It offers a range of health features has environmental sensors.
  • 2019

    Apple TV was announced.
    Streaming device developed by Apple used to to access streaming content from all peoples favorite tv and movie providers.