Timeline created by Mariaordonez
  • Xbox Motion Control

    No more wii! No more joystick! Now technology can scan a person and read their movements instead of following from a controller.
  • Angry Birds

    Angry Birds on an iPhone grew intensely and got more than 2 billion downloads for just 99 cents.
  • Apple Retina Display

    Steve Jobs invented the iPhone with up to 400 pixels per inch. This made the iPhone and the technology on the iPhone more appealing to the human eye.
  • The first iPad

    Steve Jobs invented apple and it still grew so much after he passed away. The first iPad was a lot thicker than the ones that are around now a days because they have found a way to store more technology is more compacted spaces. iPads can also be used as computers.
  • Enter Square

    Co founder Jack Dorsey helped invent Enter Square. This is how people can create their own cash register with their iPhone! This is helpful for individual businesses or even when the cash register breaks and managers need a quick and easy fix.
  • The first apple watch

    Steve Jobs was the inventor of the iPhone. The iPhone has grown tremendously and now there is even an apple watch for your iPhone. Now a days most people do not even know how to read a real clock because they can just look at the time on their digital watch with the numbers.