2000's Technoloy

  • Pocket PC

    Pocket PC
    Microsoft's Pocket PC AKA Personal Digital Assistant was a huge leap in technology by making it more mobile and pocket sized. Sure, you could always have a notebook with information in it, but the Pocket PC made that even easier to carry around.
  • Blackberry

    The Black Berry was one of the most popular cellphones before the iPhone came out. The capabilities the cell phone had back then were ahead of it's time.
  • MacBook Pro

    MacBook Pro
    Apple's MacBook Pro was invented by Steve Jobs and made a huge impact on the laptop world by having the Mac go mobile. Many people prefer Apple products to Microsoft because of the different features they have.
  • Iphone

    The release of Apple's Iphone by Steve Jobs made it the number one selling cell phone in history. Even to this day everyone utilizes this device for everything..
  • Smart TV

    Smart TV
    Samsung came out with the first Smart TV which changed the way we watch shows, movies, and whatever you please. You didn't have to plug in different devices or worry if you didn't have a channel on cable TV or even browse the web!