1970's Timeline

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  • Beetles

    The Beatles stopped touring in respect of JFK. The Beatles thought that JFK was murdered they thought their going to be next that going to murdered. Their safety was big for the Beatles. Since they took a break of touring John went to Italy to do a movie is called I Won The War. John came back from Italy and thought that he was about to go solo. So the Beatles broke up.
  • Apollo 13

    Apollo 13
    Apollo 13 was opposed to take three men to the moon the mission had to be aborted because of a explosion happened in one of the oxygen tanks. From the explosion other systems in the ship were damaged. Apollo 13 crashed in the ocean and no one was hurt in the crash. http://www.apolloexplorer.co.uk/apollo13.htm http://www.apolloexplorer.co.uk/apollo13.htm
  • kent state shooting

    kent state shooting
    The Kent State Shooting was terrible. It was Kent State University. It was a massacre the guardsmen shot 67 rounds in 13 seconds killing 4 college students and wounding 9 others. because the that them die and got to hospital must have been so tragic. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kent_State_shootings

  • VCR Introduced

    VCR Introduced
    The VCR introduced by Sony a Japanese company. It started out as a small video recorder known as the Betamax. The VCR completion is the VHS. The VCR was better than the VHS. Since the VCR was so popular in the time 70 percent of the American public owned the VCR. http://www.enotes.com/history/q-and-a/when-was-vcr-introduced-what-has-been-its-impact-286591
  • • Attica State Prison Riots

    •	Attica State Prison Riots
    A four day riot in Attica prison comes to death the law enforcement official’s start shooting killing 29 inmates and killed 10 hostages and injuring many more. It started with a group of inmates they killed an official guard. They took prison employees and took them as hostage and then they
    took over the prison. http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/attica-prison-riot-ends
  • China Joins The UN

    China Joins The UN
    Mao Zedong proclaimed the People’s Republic of China (PRC). The representatives of PRC attended the United Nations also the United Nations Security Council. Twain felt betrayed or stabbed in the back by China. Since China joined the UN twain has no way of communicating with China. When Russia found out that China was friends with the US Russia was jealous.
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/China_and_the_United_Nations http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/China_and_the_United_Nations
  • KKK riots in NYC

    KKK riots in  NYC
    Texas state riot police have swarmed into the streets of Eastern Texas town and broke up a tense standoff screaming black separates and white supremacists. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/China_and_the_United_Nations
  • Terrorists attacks at Olympic Games

    Terrorists attacks at Olympic Games
    Terrorists were in the Olympic Games in Germany 2 of them. The terrorists took hostages to the German airport. Germany could not let the terrorists escape with hostages they sent a rescue attempt but it failed. 9 terrorists were killed in the shootout years later the other 2 were captured and put into custody. http://history1900s.about.com/od/1970s/qt/municholympics.htm http://history1900s.about.com/od/1970s/qt/municholympics.htm
  • M.A.S.H

    Mash the show is about to medics that are in the war at a war medic station. They are nurses and also act like they are 5 years old sometimes. September 17 1972 http://history1900s.about.com/od/1970s/qt/municholympics.htm http://history1900s.about.com/od/1970s/qt/MASH.htm
  • America pulls out of Vietnam

    America pulls out of Vietnam
    The last remaining American troops pull out from Vietnam as President Nixon says” the day we have all worked and prayed for has finally come.” http://www.historyplace.com/unitedstates/vietnam/index-1969.html
  • Vice President Agnew Resigns

    Vice President Agnew Resigns
    Spiro Agnew was elected Nixon’s vice president. He got in trouble for not paying his taxes and resigned as vice president so he wouldn’t go to jail. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spiro_Agnew
  • War Powers Act

    War Powers Act
    Is a federal law meant to check the power of the president in committing the United States to an armed conflict without the consent of congress. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/War_Powers_Resolution
  • US President Nixon Resigns

    US President Nixon Resigns
    Nixon resigns because he has lied about the war. Then he sent his guys to go break into Watergate and spy. The US found out that Nixon was in charge of Watergate Nixon had 2 choices to go to prison or resign. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/national/longterm/watergate/articles/080974-3.htm
  • 55 Miles Per Hour Speed Limit

    55 Miles Per Hour Speed Limit
    It was drafted in response to oil price spikes and supply disruptions during the 1974 oil crisis. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Maximum_Speed_Law
  • President Nixon Pardoned Gerald Ford saves him

    President Nixon Pardoned Gerald Ford saves him
    Gerald Ford kept Nixon out of prison because when Nixon resigns and there is no vice president so with Nixon resigning Gerald ford keep Nixon out of prison for him president. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nixon_pardon#Pardon_of_Nixon
  • Microsoft

    Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software services and solutions that help people and businesses realize the full possibilities.
  • Fall of Saigon

    Fall of Saigon
    The Fall of Saigon to the People's Army of Vietnam marked the of the Vietnam War. This started the reunification of the country into a communist state. Saigon was the capital of South Vietnam. http://www.findingdulcinea.com/news/on-this-day/July/Arthur-Ashe-Wins-Wimbledon.html
  • Ashe Wins Wimbledon

    Ashe Wins Wimbledon
    Arthur Ashe became the first black man Wimbledon defeating Jimmy Connors in a shocking upset. http://www.findingdulcinea.com/news/on-this-day/July/Arthur-Ashe-Wins-Wimbledon.html
  • Entebbe Air Raid

    Entebbe Air Raid
    4 terrorists forced an Air France Airbus to land in Uganda. They wanted Israel to release 53 convicted terrorists. The terrorists freed several hostages but kept 105 Israeli and Jewish hostages. The terrorists were killed in a rescue mission and all but two hostages lived. http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Terrorism/entebbe.html
  • Nadia Comaneci Given Seven Perfect Tens

    Nadia Comaneci Given Seven Perfect Tens
    No male or female had ever had received a perfect score in any Olympic Gymnastics. The 14 year old Romanian shocked the judges in Montreal at the Olympics. She was an amazing athlete.
    http://www.infoplease.com/spot/summer-olympics- nadia-comaneci.html
  • Mao Zedong Dies

    Mao Zedong Dies
    Mao Zedong was a leader of the Chinese revolution. He led the creation of communist state in China called the People’s Republic of China in 1949. He was the Chairmen of the Communist Party in China. http://www.findingdulcinea.com/news/on-this-day/Sept/Mao-Zedong-Dies.html
  • Star Wars

    Star Wars
    This movie was made by George Lucas. It was the most popular movie in it’s time. It was ahead of its time in both technology and movie making. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Wars
  • Alaska Pipeline

    Alaska Pipeline
    The Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) is one of the world’s largest pipelines for transporting oil. It has 11 pump stations, hundreds of feeder pipelines and the Valdez Marine Terminal. It has more than 800 miles of pipeline. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trans-Alaska_Pipeline_System
  • Elves Presley died

    Elves Presley died
    Elvis died in his house in the bathroom in Graceland in Memphis. His girlfriend found him in the bathroom dead. The ambulance came and got him and when they returned they pronounced he was dead.
  • Test tube baby

    Test tube baby
    Louise Joy Brown was the first baby to be fertilized invitro and she was born in Great Britain.
  • Pope John Paul 2

    Pope John Paul 2
    He became the pope in 1978. He was one of the most influential people in the 20th century. He led the Catholic Church for 27 years from 1978-2005.
  • Jones Town Massacre

    Jones Town Massacre
    This was the largest non-natural disaster in US History and there were 918 people who died during the massacre. The Jonestown massacre also remains the only time in history in which a U.S. congressman was killed in the line of duty. Jonestown was a commune in South America where the people who lived there followed Jim Jones and were members of the People’s Temple. Most of those who died committed suicide.
  • Jerry Farwell begins Moral Majority

    Jerry Farwell begins Moral Majority
    It was a political organization that was founded by Jerry Farwell. It was an evangelical Christian organization. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moral_Majority
  • ESPN

    It is a T.V. show that was focuses on sports. You could get news from ESPN on sports news.
  • The Greensboro Massacre

    The Greensboro Massacre
    In Greensboro North Carolina there was 5 protest marchers that were killed by the Ku Klux Klan. The protests were against the Communist Workers Party who were trying to organize black workers. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greensboro_massacre