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1970s Experiences

  • Fashion 1970

    Fashion 1970
    Tied dye shirts and frayed jeans were still popular in 1970.
  • Beatles Breakup

    Beatles Breakup
    While on tour after the death of their manager, Paul stepped in as the leader. Meanwhile the Beatles started to separate and lead their own lives. Paul McCartney came out with his own album. Three days later, Paul had an interview by himself and he said that he never wanted to work with the other Beatles again. The Beatles created a lasting impression on the people of America for a very long time.
  • First Earth Day

    First Earth Day
    The first Earth Day was a successful way of keeping the Earth clean and healthy. It is a day to inspire people to help keep the Earth clean, and make the dream of having a clean Earth a reality. In NY on Earth day the Mayor shut down 5th ave and opened Central Park for Earth day. 1 million people there. Earth day was successful, 20 million people participated on April 22 1970. Now over half a billion people celebrate Earth day every year.
  • EPA is Created

    EPA is Created
    EPA is in other words Envirornmental Protective Agency, and the Environmental Protection Agency protected human health and environment. It started in 1970, and has been working for a cleaner, healthier environment for the American people ever since.
  • Fashion in 1971

    Fashion in 1971
    Hot Pants are loose fitting shorts and bell-bottomed trousers were very popular in 1971.
  • Cigarette Ads are Banned on TV

    Cigarette Ads are Banned on TV
    In 1971 cigarette ads were banned from TV and radio. The Institution of Medicine said that the commercials appealed kids. The government found out that smoking was unhealthy, so they put warnings on the cigarette packages. This had little effect on people so, along with it advertisement of smoking on TV and radio were banned, for the health of American citizens.
  • VCRs Launched

    VCRs Launched
    Video Cassette Recorders! Now you can watch movies at HOME! Instead of driving to a movie theater! The movie theater film tape was now transferred in a 5 inch plastic box, and placed into a VCR that can transmit the film tape pictures to a TV screen. tNow you have very own home theater! Some also had the ability to tape TV shows, so you can watch them at your own convinence, therefore saving time for many people.
  • Disney World Opens

    Disney World Opens
    Friday October 1, 1971 Disney World opened to the public. About 10,000 people came to the grand opening of this glorious event, but 5,000 of them were their cast members! Diseny World went viral, so everybody was taking their kids to this new amusement park.
  • Fashion 1972

    Fashion 1972
    Tall souled shores at least 4 inches otherwise known as platform shoes or disco boots.
  • First Successful Video Game

    First Successful Video Game
    Pong wasn’t the first video game ever, it was the first one to reach popularity. This is a simple game related to tennis, it is a two dimensional video game that has a vertical line in the middle, two smaller vertical line that move up and down hitting a white circle to each other trying to get it past the opposite smaller white line. This was a very popular game in the 1970s and led to many other video games.
  • Supreme Court rules against death penalty

    Supreme Court rules against death penalty
    • In the court case Furman v. Georgia the Court ruled that the death penalty, was a random punishment and hence being unconstitutional. Furman was convicted of murder from Georgia; the jury forced the death penalty on him, without any limits to what they were going to do.
  • M*A*S*H TV Show Premiers

    M*A*S*H TV Show Premiers
    M*A*S*H was a TV show about the doctors that worked in the Korean War. The finale was the most watched TV show in the U.S. television history at the time over 125 million viewers watched it. This show was a comedy of the 1950s Korean War.*A*S*H_(TV_series)
  • Fashion 1973

    Fashion 1973
    Miniskirts were worn a lot around 1973. many girls wore these throughout the seventies.
  • U.S Pulls out of Vietnam

    U.S Pulls out of Vietnam
    pulling out of the Vietnam War is quite similar to when we came out of the Iraq war last year. There was no progress being made, neither side was winning. President Johnson sent U.S. troops into the war, without a goal to win. Vietnam and the U.S. began to have peace talks. Soon Vietnamese ceased fire and started to withdraw from the war. By the end of 1973 all U.S. troops were out of Vietnam.
  • Abortion Leaglized in U.S.

    Abortion Leaglized in U.S.
    The court case Roe vs. Wade, was in action and ended up with Roe being able to get her abortion. She said it was her own body and she could do what she wanted with it, specifically her “right to privacy”. This hugely affected the county because still to this day there is still a dispute on this court case today.
  • Pual Getty Kidnapped

    Pual Getty Kidnapped
    Paul’s dad owned an oil company, being rich, When Paul was 17 was kidnapped. There was a note left behind threatening to kill him if he wasn’t given $17 million. The father didn’t send the money. An envelope was received, Paul's ear was in it. The letter said "This is Paul's ear. If we don't get some money within 10 days, his other ear will come off. In other words, he will arrive in little bits.” They agreed upon $2.2 million, and Paul returned.
  • Fashion 1974

    Fashion 1974
    Wide legged flared jeans were the new disco look in 1974 which later was very popular beacuse a famous movie came out with them in it everywhere.
  • Patty Hearst Kidnapped

    Patty Hearst Kidnapped
    Patty Hearst’s family was wealthy, when she was 19 years old Patty was kidnapped by an urban guerrilla group called the Symbionese Liberation Army. They demanded Patty’s family give $70 of food to every needy Californian that is about $400 million. The Hearst’s only paid 6 million. Patty knew they could have done better, and she became an example of a victim of Stockholm syndrome, meaning she supported her abductors and helped them. She later was arrested.
  • Freedom of Information Act

    Freedom of Information Act
    Freedom of Information Act is a law that gives you the right to access information from the federal government. It's the law that keeps citizens informed of what their government is doing. President Ford didn’t want this law so he vetoed the law, but congress overruled the veto and sustained the law.
  • National Speed Limit 55

    National Speed Limit 55
    The National Maximum Speed Law (NMSL) in the U.S. came from the Emergency Highway Energy Conservation Act in 1974 that prohibited speed limits higher than 55 miles per hour. It happened when the oil prices grew enormously. Doing this led to a safer roads, and less money for gas, saving the country millions.
  • Fashion 1975

    Fashion 1975
    In the 1970s the usual dress for the boys is the classic t-shirt and jeans, and sometimes a wacky collared shirt, and the girls still worked the flared jeans.
  • Microsoft Founded

    Microsoft Founded
    Bill Gates founded Microsoft at 20 years of age. When he was 15 he worked with principle figures to create what became the most successful company in the world. Now Microsoft became public, and this is when people started to use the home computer operating system.
  • Fall of Saigon

    Fall of Saigon
    Saigon was the capital of South Vietnam. Saigonwas captured by the Viet Cong, alson known as the National Liberation Front (NLF). The NLF was an army and political organization that fought South Vietnam and the U.S. The Fall of Saigon ended the Vietnam War, and now Vietnam is becoming a communist country. They attacked them with rockets, Saigon had no defence against them.
  • Jimmy Hoffa Disappears

    Jimmy Hoffa Disappears
    Hoffa was a leader of a teamsters group. On July 30 1975, Hoffa disappeared in front of a restraint. Earlier that day two mafia members showed up at the same restraint. One of them was also a union leader of a teamsters group in New Jersey. They denied they had a meet up with Hoffa, and Hoffa was never found, so 7 years later he was declared dead.
  • Fashion 1976

    Fashion 1976
    Flared jeans were worn with platform shoes in the mid-1970s. This combination was very popular in 1976. This was worn by both men and women but became more popular to men in the mid 1970s.
  • Red Dye No.2 is banned

    Red Dye No.2 is banned
    Red Dye #2 is banned- Scientists used dye in everything for example sausage, ice cream, makeup and even cancer. Though it never caused any deaths or sicknesses, the dye was banned from the U.S. in 1976. Red Dye No.2 is used to brighten and change the color of certain foods, for example pudding would be greenish without it.,9171,945520,00.html,28804,1896348_1896354_1895874,00.html
  • Nadia Comaneci Given Seven Perfect Tens

    Nadia Comaneci Given Seven Perfect Tens
    Before Nadia Comaneci a 14 year old Romanian girl had never achieved a perfect score, not only did she get a perfect score this time but for the next 6 years she continued to get perfect scores. She mastered one of the hardest event the balance beam and amazed the judges with her talent. After her first perfect score she was all oveer the public.
  • Legionnaire’s Disease hit 182, killed 29

    Legionnaire’s Disease hit 182, killed 29
    Legionnaires Disease is an organism, that had killed before, but the US Bicentennial Convention in Philadelphia proved that the organism was deadly. The Bellevue Stratford Hotel was where the convention was held. In a day people started to feel sick. They had fevers, they were coughing and had a hard time breathing. It wasn’t really noticed because there over 4000 legionnaires and friends and family, On July 27th someone died of it.
  • Fashion 1977

    Fashion 1977
    Shiny cloths and accesories were stylish in 1977 because of disco themes and such. This was the year it reached its highest popularity.
  • Star Wars Movie Released

    Star Wars Movie Released
    Start Wars was an epic space film, that is known worldwide When it was released many fans were created, it was so popular it became the third most popular movie making over 4 billion dollars.
  • NYC Blackout

    NYC Blackout
    New York City lost electricity when a substation was hit by lightning. A "cascading effect" triggered the system to shut down. NYC was powerless for over a day in the scorching heat. Subways were stuck, mobs set fires and stores were robbed.
  • Elvis's Death

    Elvis's Death
    The king if rovkand roll Elivis Presely was found dead in a bethroom next to his girlfriend at Graceland. Onece he was found he was rushed to the hodpital, and pronouced dead. He supposedly died from cardiac arrhythmia meanig his heart was beating irregularly until it stopped. He overdosed on drugs.
  • Fashion 1978

    Fashion 1978
    Around the late 70's many boy and girls started to get perms. Many famous people begn to get curly perms.
  • First Testtube Baby Born

    First Testtube Baby Born
    Loise Brown was the first test tube baby born in history. He was the first successful testube baby ever. This effected the whole world, because now we have the technology to allow parents who are unable to have children to have a baby of their DNA.
  • Love Canal in NYC Disaster

    Love Canal in NYC Disaster
    In the early 1900s the Love canal was used as a toxic waste dump, there was over 21,00 tons of waste in the canal. Residents of the canal noticed the odd smell, but thought nothing of it. One day after massive amounts of rain, toxic streams began to form President Carter declared this land a feral disater area. Many residents reported numerous different illnesses from the toxic waste.
  • Jonestown Massacre

    Jonestown Massacre
    913 people died from Guyana when a Temple cult led by Jim Jones set up a town in South Ameria. People reported a forming of a cult, and congressman Leo Ryan went when down their to see what was going on. Jones killed him. The a "revolutionary poining" began. Jones poisened the people drinks. It was the biggest event in history with the largest single loss, untill 9-11.
  • Fashion 1979

    Fashion 1979
    When the decade was practically over people were moved away from flares and into baggy jeans and designer pants, for example Calvin Clein. Also jumpsuits were at ther climas in 1970.
  • Sony Introduces Walkman

    Sony Introduces Walkman
    Walkman's were little cassette players that had headphones, and played music. They were very popular in the 1980s, everyone wanted one. They were iPods, a few years ago.
  • ESPN begins Broadcasting

    ESPN begins Broadcasting
    Entertainment and Sports Programming Network is a televison sports networks also know as ESPN. ESPN shows, sports talk, live sports games around the world, and other pretaped events in the history of sports.
  • Iran Takes American Hostages in Tehran

    Iran Takes American Hostages in Tehran
    An angry mob of Islamic rebels invaded the American embassy in Tehran. About 60 Americans were taken hostage, they were released minutes after Reagan was put in office. This was one of the most dramatic things at the time with Carters last term as president.