• Naty has a daughter, begins abandoning her old life

    Naty has a daughter, begins abandoning her old life
    "Nina Fernandez Revuelta" (name was changed, Naty refused to provide a name to biographer) is born, but at the same time, Naty begins to experience boredom. She has a remote relationship with her daughter, leaves her in a nanny's care for most of the time. In later years, Naty would insist that a child always belongs to one parent or the other, and that Nina had always been Orlando’s. She also began to see less of her "conforming" friends.
    Source: Havana Dreams
  • Castro crams for his exams

    Castro crams for his exams
    Due to his participation in Cayo Confites, Castro had not been able to enroll as a normal student. He had not taken an exam since freshman year. Castro spent most of his time cramming, at home or in Havana, for his law school examinations.
    Source: Young Castro
  • Batista the absentee Senator

    Batista the absentee Senator
    Travels to and from Daytona, but when in Cuba, Batista is largely confined himself to "Kuquine" – country estate in Havana outskirts. Surrounded by a stew of sycophants, politicians and journalists, he discussed goings-on and his prospects in 1952. He is a habitual truant in the Senate voting only twice and once by proxy from Daytona.The swelling of the middle-class becomes his toughest challenge to win over
    Source: Eddy Chibas Incorrigible Man for book click here
  • Batista Has a Disturbing Conservation

    Batista Has a Disturbing Conservation
    The ex-generalissimo confided to President Prio's unhappy conservative vice-president that he was considering a coup. His stated reasons for wanting to go ahead with this were a plot by the ARG leader to assassinate him (this group is affiliated with Prio) and the threat of the gangsters leading the nation to anarchy. Both flimsy justifications. Source: Cuba The Autentico Years for purchase link to the book, which does not exist in ebook format, click here
  • Mirta, pregnant, spends Summer at Fidel's Finca

    Mirta, pregnant, spends Summer at Fidel's Finca
    She is under the impression that her and Fidel would be moving to Paris, and Fidel would pursue high education after finishing his law degree. Fidel fed her fantasy and she spoke about it openly to his family. This dream would never come true.
    Source: Fidel y Raúl, mis hermanos : la historia secreta
  • Lansky interviewed by Narcotics agents, Cuba comes up

    Lansky interviewed by Narcotics agents, Cuba comes up
    The FBI took an interest in Lansky's association with Luciano due to Luciano taking a trip to Italy. In the interview they asked him about Cuba, a subject he was very tight-lipped about, more so than on others, despite the fact that he had managed the Oriental Park Racetrack and the Hotel Nacional casinos. But his relationship with Batista was not fully realized, so he stayed quiet.
    Source: Havana Nocturne
  • "Fidelito" is born

    "Fidelito" is born
    Becoming his eldest son in what would become a long list of others to come, Fidel Jr. is born to he and Mirta Diaz-Balart. For more, click here.