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1940s-Fifth Hour

  • Radio in America

    Radio in America
    Radio was very important in the 1940's because it told about important news and gave news on World War II. During this era though radio became more diverse by adding comedies and drama.
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    1940s-Fifth Hour

  • The Wonder Drug

    The Wonder Drug
    The wonder drug helped many people and still.
    The Wonder drug is a antibietic afterwards in 1941 the first electronically digital calculator was developed.
  • The Jeep

    The Jeep
    The Jeep win world war two.
    After the war the jeep continued its success.
    The Jeep was invented by Willys Truck Company.
  • The Colour television

    The Colour television
    By 1949 10,000 colour television were in homes.
    Peter gold Mark invented the colour television.
  • World Events: 1940 Election

    World Events: 1940 Election
    Franklin Delano Roosevelt won the election of the 1940 and became the thirty second president of the United States. He was in office from 1933-1945, also elected four times for president. The new vice president is Henry A. Wallace, he was the secretary of agriculture.
  • "And then there were none"

    "And then there were none"
    Was a mystery book about ten people invited to a Island all for diffrent reasons but they do not know that they were invited really to be murdered.
  • World Events: Pearl Harbor

    World Events: Pearl Harbor
    Pearl Harbor is located on the southern coast of Oahu island, Hawaii. Many ships were damaged, and many people were killed or wounded. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, America declared war on Japan on December 8, 1941.
  • Military style

    Military style
    It was a popular style because it did not use extra material which was key during World War II because they were limited on materials.
  • World Events: World War Two

    World Events: World War Two
    This was the biggest event of the 1940s. 60 million people died and half of the people fighting weren't even soldiers. Women and also men found employment in factories during the war.
  • Dumbo

    Produced by Walt Disney is a popular childrens movie and made in color it is 64 minutes long they had a 950,000 dollar budget.
  • Bambi

    Bambi is made in two languages German and English it is 70 minutes in English, 65 minutes in German it was made in Walt Disney's studio.
  • Casa Blanca

    Casa Blanca
    The director was was Michael Curtis, the stars were Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, and Paul Henreid, they filmed in Flagstaff, Arizona it is in black and white and is 102 minutes long.
  • World Events: G.I. Bill of Rights

    World Events: G.I. Bill of Rights
    This bill gave federal aid to help veterans adjust to civilian life with hospitalization, the purchase of homes or businesses, also education. Veterans were free to attend an institution of their choice. The government payed for each veterans' tuition, fees, books, and other materials.
  • T.V. Debut

    T.V. Debut
    Only 5,000 televisions were sold in 1945 they were only in black and white, and had only five inch screens. Texaco Star Theater gets .the credit for making a demand in television. By 1951 seventeen million televisions had been sold.
  • The Atomic bomb

    The Atomic bomb
    The atomic bomb was the largest project in history of science.
    The atomic bomb was invented by J. Robert Oppenheimer.
  • World Events: Liberation of Dachau concentration camps

    World Events: Liberation of Dachau concentration camps
    On April 29, 1945 American forces liberated the people at the Dachau concentration camp. The number of people that were liberated from the camp exceeded over 188,000 people.
  • World Events: Hitler committes suicide

    World Events: Hitler committes suicide
    Hitler and his wife, Eva Braun both committed suicide by swollowing a cyanide capsule. Hitler also shot himself in the head with a service pistol. The German court offically declared Hitler dead, but not until the date of 1956.
  • World Events: Atomic Bomb on Nagasaki and Hiroshima

    World Events: Atomic Bomb on Nagasaki and Hiroshima
    The attackon Hiroshima happened at 8:15am and they dropped the bomb called "Little Boy", also the explosion killed and injured many people. The attack on Nagasaki happened at 11:01am. The dropped a bomb called "Fat Man", and the explosion of the bomb injured and killed many people in Japan.
  • "Citizen Kane"

    "Citizen Kane"
    Was filmed in New York they had a budget of 686,093 dollars on opening weekend they made 216,239 dollars overall they have made 1,585,634 dollars the movie is 119 minutes long.
  • "Dr. Spock's Common Sense"

    "Dr. Spock's Common Sense"
    Dr. Spock's book is about how to raise your child, he sold 500,000 copies in six months. During Dr. Spock's life there were seven editions.
  • The Microwave oven

    The Microwave oven
    He made ravolutise cooking formed a bases of a multmillion dolar industry.
    He a higher density electromagnetic field.
    Dr. Percey Spencer invented the microwave oven
  • Wold Events: UFO at Roswell, New Mexico

    Wold Events: UFO at Roswell, New Mexico
    An object crash landed on a ranch seventy five miles northwest of the town Roswell. A rancher reported it to the authorities, and the air base investigated it. The Roswell Army fair recovered a flying disk, it was a weather balloon, and not a UFO.
  • Howdy Doody Show

    Howdy Doody Show
    They were thirty minutes for each showing, they have 2,434 episodes. And it wasn't until 1955 that they were in color. Clarabell the clown speaks once in all of the shows and that is in the last show. They stopped making them in 1960.
  • World Events: Berlin Airlift

    World Events: Berlin Airlift
    The soviet union was seeking to control Berlin by cutting the surface traffic to and from wester Berlin. By doing this , it starved all of the population. The Truman adminstration rebounded with a daily airlfit that brought as much food and supplies that they needed to survive.
  • World Events: Tokyo Rose

    World Events: Tokyo Rose
    Tokyo Rose spread propaganda to the American troops and people characterized her voice as soft, smooth, or sultry. Iva Toguri D'Aquino was known as "Tokyo Rose", and she had to pay a 10,000 dollar fine. She was sentenced to 10 years in prision and she only served six years and two months in jail.