1938-1941 Events leading up to WWII

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    1938-1941 Events leading up to WWII

  • Hitler moving in to power

    On February 4th, 1938, Hitler was appointed Chief Commander of the German army.
  • Invasion op Albania

    On April 7th italy invaded Albania
  • Peace Conference

    In April 1939, President Roosevelt tired to keep the peace by planing the Peace Conference in which Hitler refused
  • Failure of the Peace Conference

    On August 29th, Roosevelt annaounced that their failure to try to conserve the peace encourage Germans invasion plans. On the same date Great Britainplaced its self on war alert
  • Invasion begins

    On september 1, Hitler Started his invasion plan by invading Poland
  • Decleration of war

    September 3rd , 1939, Great Britain, France and India declare war on Germany. Soon after other countries joined suit, with Australia and New Zealand to declare war against Germany.
  • Phoney war

    it was the period of time when declarations of war were sign but no country had made a specific attack it lasted until 1940
  • Assassination attempt

    On November 8th 1939 an assasination attempt against Hitler to end the war Failed
  • Norway surrenders

    On the day of June 10th, 1940 Norway surrenders to Germany, later on Italy declared war on France and Greate Britain
  • battle of Britain

    this battle was the first major battle to take place in the air with warplanes it was the biggest arial battle in that time period