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  • War started

    This was the first overseas war that was fought by United States. Lead by President Thomas Jefferson initiated the war to wipe out the pirates of Barbary coast.
  • Problems with Britain

    One of the important wars that was fought by United States was the War of 1812. This war was declared by a political group, that was known as 'War Hawks'. The war was waged to check British expansion in North America. During the War of 1812, US troops built a fort on Marquesas islands, to defend four ships that had been captured from the British navy.
  • General George Mattews

    In 1812, General George Matthews and his troops, backed with permission of President Madison, invaded Amelia island that was under the Spanish rule. Matthews also conquered the harbor of Fernandina. In the following year, Spanish Florida and Mobile bay were invaded by General Wilkinson, upon authorization by Congress. The Spanish garrison that was stationed in the region was overrun, and soldiers inside surrendered.
  • U.S. Invaded territory

    In 1814 and 1816, United States again invaded the territory of Spanish empire in Florida. President Monroe ordered an attack on Spanish Florida to wipe out or expel smugglers and pirates, that had sought refuge in this region.
  • War ends

    The United States Navy was sent to Tripoli, and after some defeats it emerged successful, and the defeated pirates were forced to sign a treaty with the US to allow a safe passage for American merchant ships.
  • Purchase of Florida

    In 1817, after the purchase of Florida, Seminole Indians were expelled out of the region.
  • Abraham Lincoln

    The United States annexed the region of Texas in 1845, and thus initiated a war against Mexico to decide upon the border of the region. Abraham Lincoln, who was a congressman at that time, strongly recommended a withdraw of troops and opposed the war.
  • United States Army

    The United States, unheeded by the warnings of Lincoln, declared the war on 23rd April 1846, and won it, with a very heavy price. The United States army lost 13,780 personnel and the war was recorded to be one of the bloodiest wars in the United States history.
  • Japan

    The rule of Shoguns in Japan and nearby islands, had isolated the trade in entire Pacific. In the year 1853 a fleet led by Commodore Matthew Perry forced open the trade with Japan that had been dwindling for about a century.
  • Intervention

    One of the intervention that was not of imperialist nature was put into force in 1857 to arrest slave trader and owner William Walker, who had forced many in the region of Nicaragua. Another intervention was initiated, against Ottoman empire the very next year, to bring the issue of massacre of US citizens under control.