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  • American Imperialism

    Tiny minority of white planters led by Sanford B. Dole organized successful revolt in 1893.
  • Campaign similar t

  • immediate cause of Spanish American War

    , Feb. 15, 1898 � immediate cause of Spanish American War
  • U.S. sent Battleship Maine to Cuba in 1898

  • McKinley assassinated

  • Hay-Pauncefote Treaty

  • Germany sank two Venezuelan gunboats trying to seek forced payment for heavy Venezuelan debt to Germany.

  • Treaty of Portsmouth

  • Resulting recession in Cuba combined with discontent over Platt Amendment led to a Cuban revolution

  • Dollar Diplomacy" under President Taft

  • Although American public initially saw Roosevelt�s role in Panama as politically legitimate,

  • , U.S. marines sent to Dominican Republic when riots & civil war broke out

  • U.S. troops would reoccupy Cuba during WWI

  • U.S. purchased Virgin Islands from Denmark