By hanr.c
  • Rutherford B. Hayes

    Hayes becomes the 19th president
  • Farmers' Alliance

    Texas farmers form the first agricultural union.
  • The Great Railroad Strike

    Beginning of the first labor unions- railroad workers go on strike for higher wages and better conditions
  • Light bulb invented

    Edison displays the light bulb to reporters and investors
  • James A. Garfield

    Garfield becomes the 20th president of the US
  • Chester A. Arthur

    Arthur becomes the 21st President of the US
  • Sitting Bull's Surrender

    Sitting Bull surrenders to the US Army, ending the major resistance of the Native Americans to white settlers
  • Immigration Act

    This Act limited immigrants that could not support themselves, the mentally ill, and criminals from entering the US
  • Chinese Exclusion Act

    This Act barred Chinese immigrants from entering the US
  • Buffalo Bill's Wild West

    Buffalo Bill starts his Wild West show to romanticize the West to the rest of the population
  • Grover Cleveland

    Cleveland becomes the 22nd President of the US
  • 8-hour workday strike

    nationwide strike to gain a eight-hour workday
  • Interstates Commerce Act

    This aided in stopping discriminatory pricing in businesses
  • Dawes General Allotment Act

    This act spilt Indian tribes into individual family units rather than single tribal units
  • Benjamin Harrison

    Harrison becomes the 23rd president of the US
  • Shermn Anti-Trust Act

    limits business practices used by monopolies to limit competition
  • Iron Strike

    Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers strikes at one of Andrew Carnegie's steel mills. The state militia is called in to break the strike, which in turn destroyed the union.
  • Pullman Strike

    Strike at the Pullman rail car factory aided by the American Railway Union.
  • Plessy v. Ferguson

    Supreme Court ruled that discrimination was legal was long as separate facilities were equal
  • William McKinley

    McKinley becomes the 25th President of the US
  • Hawaii

    The US acquires the territory of Hawaii
  • Period: to

    Philippine-American and Spanish-American Wars

    helped established US as a world power
  • Open Doors Policy

    Calls for all Western markets to have equal access to the Chinese markets
  • Gold Standard Act

    officially puts the US on the gold standard