1850-1861 Timeline

By haileyy
  • Uncle's Tom's Cabin

    Uncle's Tom's Cabin
    This was a novel that was written by Harriet Beecher Stowe. This novel was made to let readers know how slaves were being treated. This event contributed to the division between the North and South because the Northerns loved this novel while the South did not like this novel because it made more people go against slavery. This would increase the tension between the North and the South.
  • Republican Party

    Republican Party
    This party was formed in 1854. It was formed to make a compromise between the ones who did and did not believe in slavery. The ones who believed in the spread of slavery became known as Republicans. This would create a bigger division between the North and the South and led them closer to the war.
  • Kansas-Nebraska Act

    Kansas-Nebraska Act
    This act was made by Stephen Douglas and would allow Kansas and Nebraska to have popular sovereignty to decide if they were going to be considered slave states or free states. This act would lead to bloody Kansas due to violence happening in Kansas between pro-slavery and anti-slavery settlers. This would further separate the North and the South and further led to the Civil War.
  • Bloody Kansas

    Bloody Kansas
    Bloody Kansas was a series of violent attacks between the pro and anti-slavery settlers. These attacks came to be due to the Kansas-Nebraska Act. This would create a huge division between the forces that would shape American Politics, and bring the Northerns and Southerns closer to the Civil War.
  • Brooks-Summer incident

    Brooks-Summer incident
    This incident took place during Sumner's speech "Crime Against Kansas". Congressman Brooks would sneak up on Sumner and beat him with his cane. Congressman Brooks beat Sumner because in his speech he criticized Southern senators one being the Uncle of Preston Books. Summer was never the same after the beating. Many felt bad for Sumner and many praised Brooks.
  • Election of 1856

    Election of 1856
    The 1856 election was made up of James Buchanan(Democrat), John C. Fremont(Republican), and Flimore. James Buchanan won the election. He was later known as the worst president. This election was known as one of the prime contributions to the civil war.
  • Dred Scott V Sanford

    Dred Scott V Sanford
    Dered Scott was a Missouri slave who was "state hopping". He would then try and sue for his freedom. He went to the Federal Court then applied and went to the Supreme Court and asked to become a free person since he was living in a free state. The Supreme Court made the verdict that he was still a slave because all slaves were property. This case also deemed the Missouri Compromise unconstitutional. This case would lead to an increase in tension towards the Civil War.
  • LeCompton Constitution

    LeCompton Constitution
    This was the second proposed condition out of four for the State of Kansas. It was made for the Pro-Slavery Settlers, but it would later never make it into effect.
  • House Divided Speech

    House Divided Speech
    This was a speech made by Abraham Lincoln. The speech was made to make the citizens realize how divided the people were due to slavery. In this speech, he accepted the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate. "A house divided against itself cannot stand. This speech would strengthen abolitionists, republicans, and Northerns.
  • Lincoln-Douglas Debate

    Lincoln-Douglas Debate
    These debates were seven debates between Stephen Douglas and Abraham Lincoln. These debates were about slavery and the expansion of new territories. In the end, Stephen Douglas would win these debates. He won due to Lincoln's views on slavery. He believed it was evil and should eventually be abolished.
  • Harper's Ferry

    Harper's Ferry
    The Harper's Fairy was a raid by John Brown(a Kansas abolitionist. He would raise money and recruit men to invade the South and take slavery in hopes of ending slavery. This raid did not go as planned and townspeople cut off his escape routes.
  • John Brown

    John Brown
    John Brown was taken after the raids and was to be executed on December 2nd. He was guilty of treason, murder, and conspiracy. Brown was set on believing he was doing what he was doing due to the will of God.
  • Election of 1860

    Election of 1860
    This election was made up of Stephen Douglas(Northern Democrat), John Breckinridge(Southern Democrat), John Bell(Constitutional Union), and Abraham Lincoln(Republican). This election showed the Union how divided they were. In the end, Lincoln won the election with 180 electorial votes.
  • South Carolina Secession

    South Carolina Secession
    On December 20, 1860, South Carolina was the first state to secede from the federal Union. This secession was triggered by the victory of Abraham Lincoln and triggered many discussions about slaveholding in the South.
  • Lincoln's First Inaugural Address

    Lincoln's First Inaugural Address
    This address was made to address Southern States. He wanted to let them know he was not going to abolish slavery because he felt it was not in his power. He also stated that there would be no type of invasion against southerners, and that no secession should happen because it is wrong.