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Civil War

By Patrick
  • Abraham wins the race

    Abraham wins the race

    abraham lincoln
    abraham wins the presidential election.
  • South Caroline First to Succeed

    South Caroline First to Succeed
    south carolina
    South Carolina officially secedes from the Union, becoming the first state to do so.
  • Mississippi Succeeds

    Mississippi Succeeds
    MississippiMississippi secedes from the Union.
  • Florida succeds

    Florida succeds
    FloridaFlorida secedes from the Union.
  • Alabama succeed

    Alabama succeed
    alabama Alabama secedes from the Union.
  • Georgia Succeeds

    Georgia Succeeds
    georgia Georgia secedes from the Union.
  • Merrimac vs. Monitor

    The Confederate ironclad USS Merrimac battles the Union ironclad USS Monitor in Chesapeake Bay. The battle is a draw but it makes wooden ships obsolete and ushers in the era of steel warships, changing naval warfare forever.
  • Shiloh

    Ulysses S. Grant
    Union General Ulysses S. Grant's forces are surprised at the town of Shiloh in Tennessee. The ensuing battle results in 13,000 Union and 10,000 Confederate casualties, more than in all previous American wars combined.
  • Robert E. Lee Assumes Command

    Robert E. Lee Assumes Command
    Robert E. Lee
    General Robert E. Lee assumes command of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia.
  • Seven Day Attacks

    Seven Day Attacks
    potomac riverOver the course of seven days, General Robert E. Lee attacks George McClellan's Union Army of the Potomac near Richmond, Virginia. Huge casualties cause McClellan to withdraw north towards Washington.
  • Emancipation Proclamation

    Emancipation Proclamation
    emancipation proclamationLincoln issues the Emancipation Proclamation. It frees all slaves in territory captured by the Union Army, and orders the enlistment of black soldiers. From this point forward, the Civil War is a war over slavery.
  • First Draft Enacted

    First Draft Enacted
    service in the armyCongress enacts the first draft in American history, requiring every man to serve in the army unless he can furnish a substitute or pay the government $300. These escape provisions are wildly unpopular with workers and recent immigrants, and lead to draft riots in New York and other northern cities.
  • Chancellorsville

    chancellorsville battleOver the course of three days, General Robert E. Lee divides his army in the face of a larger enemy, and manages to defeat the Union Army led by "Fighting" Joe Hooker. The North suffers 17,000 casualties, the South 13,000.
  • Stonewall Jackson Dies

    Stonewall Jackson Dies
    stonewall jackson diesConfederate General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson dies from wounds sustained when he is mistakenly shot by his own troops at Chancellorsville.
  • Lincoln Appoints Grant

    Lincoln Appoints Grant
    appointed leader of the union armyLincoln appoints Ulysses S. Grant commander of all Union armies, ending his long search for a decent general to command northern forces. General William T. Sherman takes over as commander in the West.
  • Virginia Campaign

    Virginia Campaign
    virginia campaignBeginning a drive aimed at ending the war, Ulysses S. Grant and 120,000 troops march south towards Richmond, the Confederate capital. Over the course of the next six weeks, a brutal war of attrition results in the deaths of nearly 50,000 Union soldiers.